2014. Ducts Cleaning DIY Project

2014. Ducts Cleaning DIY Project

I tried to clean up return air ducts in a house this year myself, using a shopvac and a custom-made head assembly. Results are pretty good, from my prospective.

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See the following post for the project details:

5 thoughts on “2014. Ducts Cleaning DIY Project

  1. Just leave that dust undisturbed and put in a good air filter. Out of site, out of mind unless it’s like wet and molding then the dust is the least of the problem. It’s a feel good thing but nothing’s really changed. I have a customer with allergies and I have a high efficiency air filter for her and additionally spray it with a filter spray that smells like spearmint. It’s an oil that attracts dust particulate.

  2. Friend can you share the Instruction How to build the section you used for the attachment I would appreciate this I constantly suffer with chronic low mid upper back pain I had duct work clean Job SUCKS That’s it I will do it myself I’M Old school your giving a Job to do know matter the size or pay you do it right or don’t do it the finish work of any job will tell you what you need to know about that person it’s about who we are as Americans do quality work & take pride be PROUD! It’s your Name….. stand behind it. thanks/God/Bless

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