Deliver2You: Product Logistics And Distribution Using Excel

Deliver2You: Product Logistics And Distribution Using Excel

A work-along version of the spreadsheet can be found here:

In this video I walk you though how to set up and solve a logistics problem in Microsoft Excel using the Solver Add-In. The goal is to utilize the firm’s shipping lanes in a manner that minimizes shipping costs while meeting warehouse demand. However, the shipping arcs in this problem carry capacity constraints. Some product ships direct and some product passes through a distribution center. It will be out job to meet those constraints at the lowest possible cost.

This problem comes from the book “Introduction to Management Science 3/e” by Hiller and Hiller. For my complete video library organized by playlist, please go to my video page here:

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  1. What about a warehouse that has throughput…….. What supply/demand number would you put? negative or positive?

  2. hai brandon. i am a beginner. i try to make own table. how did u put the = symbol between column net flow and supply/demand

  3. Hi Brandon you have really done great. This is so educating, can you please explain why you structured your table that way. Also please can you give me the links to your transportation problem solutions. Thank you, I am trying to build a career in logistics and supply chain management 

  4. Hi Brandon, I am really struggling with my problem. It’s an actual work problem that i am trying to solve. Can you share your email address so i can share my issue?

  5. You have taught me more in 40 minutes(2 videos) than I have learned all year in my graduate level operations and analytics course. I tip my cap to you good sir.

  6. Brandon:I am looking for an Excel program for restaurants.Showing amount used for each food product for a time period.Thanks for any help you can give.BILL MILLERURSA MAJOR1 585 872 3451

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