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A phone only lasts a couple of years before it breaks or becomes obsolete. Although it’s often just one part which killed it we throw everything away since it’s almost impossible to repair or upgrade. visit to show your support and raise your voice.

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FOX Business Network Host Starts Singing After Dow Breaks 20,000

FOX Business Network Host Starts Singing After Dow Breaks 20,000

FBN host Charles Payne broke out in song today after the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 20,000. This was terrific!

Distribution Strategy – An Introduction

Distribution Strategy – An Introduction

An introduction to the subject of Distribution Strategy and an overview of some of the tools and theories available in connection with determining the Place (Distribution Channel) of a product or a service. This video is aimed at Marketing Management students.

AC031 See How RAMAir Duct Cleaning Equipment Improves Profits!

AC031 See How RAMAir Duct Cleaning Equipment Improves Profits!

RamAir – the ClearView Duct Cleaning System

A new revolution in duct cleaning that lets the customer see all the dust and dirt being collected. And that’s dust and dirt that won’t be blown out of the heating ducts onto their freshly cleaned carpets, accumulating on countertops, and being sucked into their lungs as they breathe.

The patented RamAir system is more effective, more reliable, much faster, gentler on duct work, and less expensive than the rotary brush systems.

Increase Your Profits, With the quickest and most effective duct cleaning system to date.

Easily Earn 0 0 & MORE per job!

Cell Phones In Church

Cell Phones In Church

One church’s light-hearted response to annoying cell phones ringing during services.

How Do I Grow My Business With Retail Distribution Compliance?

How Do I Grow My Business With Retail Distribution Compliance?

You want to keep growing your business.
To that, you need to get your products in all the right places.
Should be easy, right?

But in today’s world, your customers are big. They’re complex. And they want you to do it their way.
And they all have different requirements … their EDI document, their labels, their carriers, their packslips, their pallet configurations… their way.
And they’re watching you, and you’re being scored.

If you deliver it wrong, well… chargebacks can be painful.
Your road to success is cluttered with obstacles.

What you need is an easy solution that helps you grow your business…
…by being more efficient…
…by meeting retail compliance requirements without manual work-arounds,
…by shortening the time from when the retailer placed to order to when you’re paid for it…
and by avoiding chargebacks.

You need Accellos.
Accellos is the only fully integrated distribution compliance solution. It eliminates the errors, workarounds and high costs of manually coordinating EDI, warehouse operations, compliance documents and shipping.
The Accellos system gives your midsized business the same powerful compliance capabilities that the big companies enjoy.

Your path to compliance begins with fully integrated EDI. With Accellos, you can electronically receive orders from all kinds of customers, acknowledge those orders and integrate them directly into your business system.
We’ve built requirements for all major retailers right into our system, so you can start fulfilling orders with new trading partners quickly and confidently.

Order fulfillment is at the heart our system, and every critical step is managed in the Accellos warehouse management system.

Unlike other compliance solutions that only print labels and documents, the Accellos system optimizes the workflow across order selection, label application, packing and shipping.

But retail distribution compliance doesn’t stop when the product leaves your facility. You need to provide an advanced shipping notice — and that can be one of the most challenging requirements for any business.

You need to know exactly what’s in each shipping container and on each pallet.

We’ve integrated Advanced Shipping Notices into our warehouse management system and EDI, simplifying the whole process. You’ll know the exact contents of the pallet at every step, and the information is automatically transformed into an EDI 856 document for the retailer.

Need to drop ship? We’ve got you covered. The Accellos solution supports all documents for fulfilling drop ship e-commerce orders.

You can also handle invoicing and remittance electronically, so you can do business with more retailers and shorten your cash-to-cash cycle.

Finally, the Accellos compliance solution helps you keep track of your performance and catch problems before they’re seen by the customer.

More than 3,000 small and midsized companies across the globe count on
Accellos for their supply chain technology.

You can get your distribution process running seamlessly too.
You’ll get more products to more retailers and into the hands of more customers.
And that’s a smart way to grow your business.

To find out more, call Accellos to speak to one of our knowledgeable consultants.

Return Air Duct Cleaning By Hand 101 (Part 1)

Return Air Duct Cleaning By Hand 101 (Part 1)

For all your HVAC needs Please Contact :
Video for Licensed HVAC Professionals ONLY . (HAZARDOUS) !!!
Please do NOT attempt any Procedures without Professional HVAC Training

Rochester Heating & Air Serves the Louisville Kentucky area including but not limited to:
Fern Creek , Middletown , J-town , St. Matthews , Valley Station , PRP , Shively , etc…

Hello ,
I’m Fritz Rochester , a Proud Kentucky Master HVAC Contractor , with over 20 years of experience in the Trade .
I would like to take care of all your HVAC needs . Whether it be a Service Call to get your HVAC System Up and Running Again , or a New HVAC Installation .
Rochester Heating and Air Strives to be one of the Best HVAC Companies in Kentucky .

Tips for hiring Kentucky HVAC Contractors for New HVAC Equipment Installations :
* = Kentucky Law
* Kentucky Master HVAC Contractor (ask to see License)
* Required Insurance (ask for Certificate of Insurance)
* Required Permits (ask for Copy of Permit before Work Begins)
* HVAC Load – Calc on New Construction Homes (ask for Load-Calc)

HVAC Load-Calc is not required at this time on Existing Residential Homes , but I suggest you have one done anyway , by a legitimate HVAC Contractor , I am finding most of our Old HVAC Equipment is OVERSIZED , this will ensure the Proper Sized Equipment for your Home !!!

Please do your Homework and get a Minimum of 3 Bids on your New System Installation , and go with the Contractor you Trust .
Ask your Friends and Family Members who they feel is a Reliable HVAC Contractor ….
(be Very Weary of Buy today for a Significant Savings)

If you have any further questions regarding your New HVAC Installation , or for that matter any HVAC questions regarding your system , Please don’t hesitate to contact me :

Thanks You very much for watching my videos !!!
Rochester Heating and Air
Fritz Rochester

Sunil Tulsiani On Fox Business Network & Bloomberg News

Sunil Tulsiani On Fox Business Network & Bloomberg News

Get 2 Audio Books From Sunil Tulsiani by going to:

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Charge Your Cell Phone With A Flashlight!

Charge Your Cell Phone With A Flashlight!

FREE Emergency power for your, Ipod, cellphone, PDA and other small electronics!I’ll show you the hack!
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Supplier And Product -Sales And Distribution Management Software

Supplier And Product -Sales And Distribution Management Software

How to create supplier master and item master for sales and distribution management software solutions. Try 30 days trial download.