Distribution Agreements For New Products – Part 1

Distribution Agreements For New Products – Part 1

A tutorial on the successful setting up of legal distribution agreements.
The things you need to look out for and where you can come undone.

Cell Phone Symphony

Cell Phone Symphony

Improv Everywhere conducts 60 cell phones to go off simultaneously in a bookstore bag check.


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FOX Business Network Promo

FOX Business Network Promo

FOX Business Network’s Liz Claman does a promo about the channel.

Four Seasons Duct Cleaning Services

Four Seasons Duct Cleaning Services

Our whole house Duct Cleaning will help remove dust and debris from your home’s air duct system. Four Seasons only employs NADCA Certified duct cleaning specialists. Each duct cleaning is performed by a two-person crew and usually is completed within 4-7 hours. Our three stage filter system captures and removes up to 99.97% of all particles in the duct system. Four Seasons also uses compressed air portable brushes as well as, a rotary brush system to scrub the entire duct system. We are so confident that you will be satisfied with Four Seasons air duct cleaning service, that we back it with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Call Four Seasons today for a FREE estimate on air duct cleaning.

Four Seasons uses the most advanced air duct cleaning system available. It is designed and manufactured by Nikro Industries; one of the leading manufacturers of H.E.P.A. filtered vacuum equipment in the United States. All of our equipment is manufactured to meet or exceed OSHA, EPA and NADCA standards for cleaning the air of nuisance dusts.

Amplex Corporation: Product Fulfillment, Kitting, Warehousing And Distribution Services

Amplex Corporation: Product Fulfillment, Kitting, Warehousing And Distribution Services

Amplex Coporation is a national leader in turnkey services for product kitting, warehousing and shipping, and provides dedicated expertise as well as superior service to clients all across the country.

Nokia EDGE 2017 Full Phone Specifications, Features, Price In India, Release Date

Nokia EDGE 2017 Full Phone Specifications, Features, Price In India, Release Date

Nokia EDGE 2017 Full Phone Specifications, Features, Price in India, Release Date.
Nokia Phones 2017 coming to the smartphone market as before. New Nokia Phones have awesome style and dashing design.

Nokia EDGE 2017 Specifications, Price and Launching Dates in India.

There was a concept Nokia Edge, Frameless Nokia Edge Smartphone. Nokia 8 Edge 2017 coming back to the smartphone market very soon.

Nokia has introduced its first ever Android smartphone Nokia EDGE very soon. Here we are going to cover complete details about this upcoming smartphone including Nokia Edge Smartphone Official Specifications, Nokia Egde Price, Nokia Edge Launching Dates in India and other relevant things. Nokia was once the king of basic smartphones in India. Nokia is going to make grand comeback with NOkia Edge 2017 smartphone. Although Nokia hasn’t confirmed anything about the name of upcoming Nokia Android smartphone but for now let we call it Nokia Edge only.

For the upcoming exhibition MWC 2017 prepared several Nokia smartphones included new Nokia Edge. This budget- Nokia 5, the flagship of Nokia the P1 and camera phone Nokia 8 Supreme also.

What is missing is a smartphone with a rounded frameless type like Samsung S7 Edge Screen. Perhaps such a device is released, but a little later name Nokia Edge. In the meantime, there is an interesting concept Nokia Edge with an additional small display on the Upper Edge of Smartphone icons and notifications.

Nokia Edge 2017 Features and Specifications:

Let us discuss the Features and Specification of new Nokia Edge Android smartphone everything you need to know!

Nokia Edge Display

New Nokia Phones 2017 – Nokia Edge

New Nokia Edge has 5.5” high-resolution huge screen display and also screen will be a 2K resolution which is excellent changed by the Company. The screen or display design of the new Nokia Edge 2017 is quite similar to the Samsung S7 Edge, where you will get all the notifications near the edge display. This time New Nokia Edge 2017 has 441 PPI pixel density. But the company didn’t mention about the screen protection whether it would be Gorilla or something else.

Nokia Edge Camera

You won’t need to buy a DSLR camera because the New Nokia Edge 2017 has the highest resolution of 23 Megapixel camera along with Carl Zeiss Lens. Nokia Edge camera will allow you to take a shot or clips like a DSLR type images. The front face selfie camera of Nokia Edge 2017 may be 8 Megapixel of a high-resolution camera. The rear camera includes more features like Autofocus, Touch Focus, Geo-Tagging, Panorama, Face Detection, and Digital Zoom are included in Nokia Edge 2017. You will get the flashlight with the rear camera using Nokia Edge.

Nokia Edge Storage/inbuilt Memory

New Nokia Edge 2017 has 32 GB internal memory and you can use expandable memory up to 32 GB Micro SD card so that you will have no space or storage issues.

Nokia Edge Battery Life

You will get 3600 mAh active lithium ion battery life on new Nokia Edge 2017, but there is no battery backup information provided.

Nokia Edge Chipset/Processor

The new Nokia Edge 2017 has 3GB of RAM, and Octa Core Processor including the new 7.0 Nougat Android version operating system.

Nokia Edge Network/Connectivity

New Nokia Edge will also provide you with the newest Network or connectivity options such as 4G LTE, 3G, 2G. It also includes Wi-Fi 802.11 a/g/n connection, GPRS, GPS, and Radio-Edge.

Nokia Edge 2017 is batter to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Apple iPhone 7, because you will love Nokia Edge 2017 after using.
Nokia Edge is best for smartphone users.

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Pacific Air Duct Cleaning, Newport Beach CA

Pacific Air Duct Cleaning, Newport Beach CA


Do you ever wonder why just a few days after dusting your home, dust reappears? Do you suffer from allergies? Pacific Air Duct Cleaning can rid your home or commercial building of the dust that plagues you! Pacific Air Duct Cleaning is the only duct cleaning company in Newport Beach that exclusively uses the RamAir ClearView Duct Cleaning System.
RamAir’s revolutionary duct cleaning system is state-of-the-art forced air cleaning technology that restores heating and air conditioning systems to superior cleanliness, including all mechanical equipment and duct-work. You can see the dust and debris being removed right before your eyes!

Jeff Bryant, President of Pacific Air Duct Cleaning and user of the RamAir Duct Cleaning System, is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on duct cleaning. We are long standing members of the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association and Restoration Industry Association.
Since the introduction of the RamAir System into the global market, the United States, Australia, Europe, Canada and Mexico have enthusiastically begun to replace their now-obsolete duct cleaning methods with the revolutionary RamAir Duct Cleaning System.
RamAir is currently the fastest growing duct cleaning system manufacturing company in the world, used in every major city in the US and at least 10 other countries.
For a free inspection of your duct and dryer ducts Cleaning Process, give us a call. Make your home a healthy and safe place to live by contacting Pacific Air Duct Cleaning. We look forward to serving you!
FREE Video Duct Inspection
Takes 15 minutes
See in full color exactly what lurks in your ducts

Have You Had Your Dryer Vent Cleaned This Year???
If you’re like most of our valued customers you’re concerned about the fire hazard caused by lint accumulations in the dryer vent and the dryer itself. Dryer vent cleaning will significantly reduce this fire hazard, giving you peace of mind. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to dry each load of laundry which saves you money on your electric bill.
If You Notice ANY Of The Following It Is Time To Schedule A Cleaning:
Damper (flapper) on exhaust termination barely opens when dryer is on.
Clothes are damp or hotter than usual at the end of the cycle.
Laundry room feels warmer or more humid than normal.
Clothes take an unusually long time to dry.
Dryer is producing airflow, but no heat.
Outside of dryer is unusually hot.
It has been over a year since you had your dryer vent cleaned.


Patented design is by far the most effective method of sanitizing ducts to date.
90% more effective than old-style duct foggers.
Full 360° coverage.
Anodized aircraft aluminum canister.
20’ hose is fiber reinforced nylon with polyurethane coating, the perfect combination of rigidity/flexibility to glide through ducting, around corners without curling or binding.
Beautiful custom molded, high-density polyethylene case included.
Duct sanitation is the most profitable add-on service in the industry.

Pacific Air Duct Cleaning
5001 Birch Street, Newport Beach CA 92660
(949) 545-5205

Turn Your Smartphone Into A 3D Hologram | 4K

Turn Your Smartphone Into A 3D Hologram | 4K

Bored of New Apps? This is my tutorial on how to turn your phone into a Hologram Projector!
Join the Mrwhosetheboss Squad:
How to Waterproof your Smartphone:
Demo Videos:

Credits to American Hacker for idea:

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The Future technology of 2016:

The Best Budget Phone Ever:

The Mug that mixes your drink for You:

Shares Per Hour SPH – Virtual Reality Business Networking ICO

Shares Per Hour SPH – Virtual Reality Business Networking ICO

Sharesperhour integrates business networking, on the blockchain, using Virtual Reality technology with accurate settlement using blockchain time-stamping.

Using sharesperhour employees and freelancers can do work anywhere in the world and be paid in real time using SPH Tokens. Work an extra hour? Your paid immediately for that hour. It’s great.

What do you think about VR? Does it have the potential to be the next biggest revolution since the internet? Would you work inside Virtual Reality? What’s your dream work place? With VR technology you can work In a different country around the world every day, paid in real time. Comment below with your opinion BELOW!!

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Convenience Store Distribution & Product Placement

Convenience Store Distribution & Product Placement

Get your products at or near 1,000’s on independent groceries and convenience stores with the Mr. Checkout Blitz


How to Get Your New Products into Convenience Store Nationwide…. the Mr. Checkout Blitz: In-Store Marketing Excellence! Give us 30 days and we will have your product display placed in 100 to 20,000 independent groceries and convenience store coast to coast. You will receive a digital pic of your product at or near the checkout counter along with complete contact information of the store that is selling your merchandise at full retail. Makes for an excellent photo gallery that you will able to use for years in promoting your brand. Call Bob 561-367-0076 for more information on the Mr. Checkout Distributor’s Blitz.

Blitz to independent grocery & convenience stores by Mr. Checkout Distributors. Call Bob 561-367-0076 for more info on how to get your products at or near 20,000 independent grocery and convenience stores coast-to-coast.