Relationship Building And Business Networking

Relationship Building And Business Networking

Recorded forum, captured on February 19, 2010.

One-on-one interviews with UC Irvine faculty entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and advice on starting companies and working with industry. The UC Irvine Office of Technology Alliances offers programs explaining the technology transfer process including invention disclosure, patenting and licensing. There are also joint presentations with the Office of Research on conflict of interest, material transfer agreements and industry-sponsored research.Guest speakers are also invited from business incubators, OCTANe and venture capitalists. This video features Goran Matijasevic and Charles Baecker. This program is managed by the OCTANE@UCI Office – Program Director, Tanya Zabalegui.

Paul Potts Sings Nessun Dorma

Paul Potts Sings Nessun Dorma

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Paul Potts’ debut CD “One Chance” was released shortly after this audition was first broadcast. The album has a been a huge success globally, reaching number one in some 14 countries. It is still available in stores in the US, Europe and around the world or on line.

Having both won the competition and released his debut album, Paul is exhaustively touring, engaging in live performances in the UK and TV appearances worldwide. For details of live performances, check out his website.

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New York Times article:

Paul Potts has won the final of this competition. The prize is £100,000 and the chance to perform at the Royal Variety Performance on 3rd December 2007.

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Paul Potts sings Nessun dorma on UK talent show “Britain’s got Talent” featuring Simon Cowell as a judge.
Check out the clip of his semi final winning performance.

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Aerosmith’s “I don’t want to miss a thing” is also featured in the clip, for those that keep asking!

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Ivan Misner With Business Networking Advice To Take The Trauma Out Of Networking Events

Ivan Misner With Business Networking Advice To Take The Trauma Out Of Networking Events

for business networking advice

Ivan Misner explains how many businesspeople struggle with networking – while they know that a business networking strategy is a critical part of business success, and they might be very confident in other areas of their work, networking presents a big challenge to them.

In this new business TV show, BNI founder Dr Ivan Misner shares his latest business networking advice on removing the trauma from networking events.

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If chosen, you’ll be one of 25 businesses with access to powerful marketing campaigns, drawing on global expertise valued at well over a million dollars.





How Sports & Chiropractic Care Are Connected

How Sports & Chiropractic Care Are Connected

Playing sports requires a certain agility and skill, regardless of the sport. Most athletes have many physical traits in common but how do they avoid injury? Chiropractic care works to keep many athletes healthy and on their field of play.

Dr. Cody Elledge from Elledge Chiropractic and Acupuncture says- “One of the most important aspects for athletes, especially professional ones, is that chiropractic care is drug-free care. Many athletes have lost his or her endorsements or place on the team from taking mediation that could potentially cause them a problem, even if it is for the management of pain. This is why chiropractic care is so popular with athletes and trainers both.”

chiropractic careChiropractors are becoming more and more in demand by professional athletes from football players to cyclists to gymnasts; there is a benefit for everyone. Human bodies take some serious punishment when playing most sports, even something as non-contact as golf. Athletes need to possess that perfect combination of speed, strength, flexibility and coordination, especially to play the sport at the next level and caring for the spine and surrounding muscles is of paramount importance.

When injuries do occur, the player’s body suffers an impact similar to that of a car crash. Regular adjustments and other chiropractic care can prepare an athlete’s body for this type of rough play and help him or her bounce back after suffering an injury. Athletes who see a chiropractor on a regular basis have greater flexibility and range of motion and can handle the twisting motion of golf, the endurance of cycling and the battery of football better than those who do not receive regular chiropractic care. Also, spinal adjustments can lessen the irritation of the nerve roots between the vertebrae in the back, thus shortening the healing time and getting the player back on the course, road, or field in record time.

The body’s actions are controlled by the central nervous system, which sends and receives nerve impulses, and is protected by the vertebrae of the spine. When everything is working correctly, the nerves communicate with the rest of the body in an uninterrupted fashion. When the vertebrae are not aligned, due to stress or force, the nerves are affected and there is interference between the central nervous system and the nerve endings in the body. Various sports can misalign the spinal column which impacts the nerve impulses that radiate to the legs, feet, hands, arms, shoulders and head. This is one reason protection and proper care of the spine is so important to the human body.

Chiropractic care offers a holistic way to treat and prevent many different impairments that often beset many athletes. Regular adjustments help to ensure that the body is working at its optimum level by reducing the irritation of the roots of the nerves in the spinal column, which can also help the body to recover at a faster pace when an injury does occur. Even everyday conditions such as headaches, shoulder pain, and even ankle injuries can all be alleviated by simple chiropractic techniques, as well as the more serious injuries many athletes endure. There are many different methods that chiropractic doctors use to treat athletes. A routine of stretching and massage therapy; the Graston Technique, which involves using stainless steel tools to break down scar tissue; dry needling, where tension is released through trigger points, much like acupuncture; and electric muscle stimulation, where tension is released by using electricity on the surface of the muscle.

Why do famous athletes go see chiropractors for their care? Seeing a chiropractor on a continuing basis and receiving ongoing adjustments will allow for greater range of motion and joint flexibility. Joint pain is diminished and blood circulation is increased, which supplies the body’s muscles and organs with oxygen, making the athlete stronger in the long run. In addition to the avoidance of surgery and prescription medication, chiropractic care offers easement to the stress on the spine experienced in many sports. When the spine suffers misalignment during a football game or some other activity, nerve transmissions are disrupted which slows reaction time, range of motion, headaches, inflammation and other issues. Athletes who receive regular chiropractic care experience faster reaction time, better coordination and achieve more accurate and precise movements, leading to overall better performance There are famous athletes that swear by the chiropractic methods. World class athletes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, Venus Williams, and Tom Brady are all believers in the benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is so mainstream now, that thirty Major League Baseball teams have a team chiropractor on their staff and as of the 2014-2015 season, every single team in the National Football League had a staff chiropractor for their players. Anyone who plays sports—professional or amateur– can benefit from regular chiropractic checkups. These appointments can ensure that the spine is balanced and aligned, maximizing the body’s central nervous system and ultimately leading to better play.

In addition to adjustments, athletes can greatly benefit from massage therapy and other forms of chiropractic care. Massage therapy is not only an integral part of pain management, but also for an athlete’s state of mind. The relaxation of massage therapy has shown to be beneficial to an athlete’s ability to stay focused, while also improving an athlete’s mood. Not only are athletes, their trainers and coaches embracing new chiropractic methods to gain a competitive edge; they are also using these methods to help them off the playing field, as well. Massage, electrical stimulation and the use if hot and cold packs are all tools chiropractors can use to help an athlete achieve greater performance and avoid injury.

Of course, when treating an athlete, the chiropractor has to treat the whole player, and assemble a comprehensive care program designed to help the athlete avoid injury in the first place. After an initial evaluation and assessment of the athlete’s age, ability and athletic aptitude, the doctor should also administer neurological and orthopedic tests. All of these factors, along with the sport the athlete plays and the level, can determine the best course of action to assist with the best quality of life.

Airwiz Air Duct Cleaning In Maryland How We Do It!

Airwiz Air Duct Cleaning In Maryland How We Do It!

Air Duct Cleaning in Maryland and DC Metro Area What is air duct cleaning? How it is done? And what company you should trust? When you call Airwiz, we send out technicians that are trained to provide professional work. We first attach a gigantic vacuum hose to the main ducts in the system. This hose is than connected to an industrial size Negative Air Machine. During the cleaning, all the dirt and debris is sucked directly into the machine. Every vent is cleaned by using special tools powered by a high-pressure compressed air line coming from our service truck. An array of different tools are be used for the different types of vents. Here is the important part of the job: we don’t just clean the vents, we clean the entire system! This means all ducts including all main ducts! Your furnace or air handler gets cleaned as well, with special attention to the blower and filter compartments. To finalize the job, we make any necessary recommendations.

Small Business Networking Skills – Michelle Yozzo Drake

Small Business Networking Skills – Michelle Yozzo Drake

You can try to avoid it, but there will come a time when you have to get out there and network to grow your business! Communication Strategist Michelle Yozzo Drake offers her best tips for surviving networking functions and walking away with solid contacts for future success.

2014. Ducts Cleaning DIY Project

2014. Ducts Cleaning DIY Project

I tried to clean up return air ducts in a house this year myself, using a shopvac and a custom-made head assembly. Results are pretty good, from my prospective.

Background music: 3rd Force, “Here Comes The Night”

See the following post for the project details:

Networking Events Business Networking In Philadelphia And New Jersey

Networking Events Business Networking In Philadelphia And New Jersey

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At The Ultimate Networking Event you’ll meet CEO’s, Business Leaders and Decision makers from a variety of leading companies. You will learn and have opportunities to grow your business from some of the area’s top business networking professional’s.

Here’s What’s Included
Admission to Event
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1 week Membership to the Exclusive Pyramid Club ( Value)
Professional Business Portrait Digital Photo (9 Value)
Enjoy a Professional Back Massage ( Value)
One Month Membership to LifeLock ID Theft Protection
Opportunity to Meet and Mingle with the Top Decision Makers in Philadelphia Business and Create Lasting Friendly Business Relationships (PRICELESS)
Drawing for Fabulous Gift Certificates and Door Prizes Such as Philly Pops Box Seats, Philadelphia Orchastra Box Seats, and Much More

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Real world networking is essential for you to build and create relationships. Having the skills to network effectively in today’s challenging business climate, is critical and could make the difference between thriving or losing to your competitors.

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Exclusive Distribution Agreement (Long Form)

Exclusive Distribution Agreement (Long Form)

This fill-in-the-blank Exclusive Distribution Agreement is between a supplier or manufacturer of products, and a distributor of product. In this Long Form Exclusive Distribution Agreement, the distributor will be the exclusive distributor of the product within a specified territory.

This Exclusive Distribution Agreement (Long Form) form is professionally formatted, prepared by a top attorney, can be easily modified, downloaded instantly, includes free customer support, and is backed by our 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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Cell Phone And Selfie Fails || Mobile Phone Fails By FailArmy

Cell Phone And Selfie Fails || Mobile Phone Fails By FailArmy

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The brand new FailArmy App came out today so we’ve assembled all the funniest mobile phone, selfie and iPad fails in one funny compilation. Shout out to cell phones for capturing fails, but also for playing a role in them as well. Let us know your thoughts down below and as always, Salute!

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