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A project by Dave Hakkens

Music by:
Wake by Finn Riggins (
Burgle by BlackSaltCandy
Optimistic Feelings by dmitrydiez (

Subtitles by:
Arabic: Abdulla AluCarD
Catalan: Ldsanahuja
Czech: Kupka Martin
Chinese mandrin: Fei Joseph
Chinese simplified: Fei Joseph
French: Etienne Ménard, Théo Favereau, Florent Lartet
Finnish: Matti Viljamaa, Johannes Kataja
German: Mark Williams
Greek: Kostas Angelis
Italian: Simone Franco
Korean: HJ Hong
Lithuanian: Ernestas Pakstas
Malay: Naqi Akid
Norwegian: Thomas Ryste
Polish: Tomasz Dunia
Portugese: Moreno Brasil, João Marcos Cassol, João Pedro Garrido Magnani
Russian: Андрей Цыганков
Spanish: Marta Puig Gámez, Valentin Alv
Turkish: Efe Tokker

A phone only lasts a couple of years before it breaks or becomes obsolete. Although it’s often just one part which killed it we throw everything away since it’s almost impossible to repair or upgrade. visit to show your support and raise your voice.

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16 thoughts on “Phonebloks

  1. It should be like a modified cpu,u can choose parts,but it’s seems like a flop idea for the elites,coz if they make this kind of phones,their profit maximization will be low from the day they release.

  2. The concept behind this idea is brilliant and simple. Simplicity is key. The reason (I believe) it never went through is simply because people wouldn’t have to upgrade every year. Therefore, less $ for the corporations. America is not the land of the free it is the land of consumerism. Buy, buy, buy! Thank you, come again! iPhone 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,…

  3. Lol this shit was in concept in 2014 and yet this shit still hasn’t been released

  4. Solar panel block = infinite battery life (in sunny days), no need to take ur charger. Just use the solar panel

  5. I really loved the idea!
    But what will happen to “not working/broken/damaged/malfunctioned” blocks/parts? Will they be thrown away? I hope not. I suggest that it would be repaired right away so your idea of preventing/minimizing waste will match that phonebloks.
    -just my opinion?

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