Pop Corn With Cell Phones

Pop Corn With Cell Phones

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38 thoughts on “Pop Corn With Cell Phones

  1. Try this video

    Look up George DeCarlo. He’s a whistleblower and a scientist who devoted the past 15-20 years of his life doing research after the industry refused to listen to his warnings. There are MANY cases of brain cancer and lawsuits that have been won.

  2. I read some thing on msn and it says this is fake. But I dunno! I’m confused. I still think it looks cool XD

  3. fuck if that don’t scare ya into thinkin how much radiation it takes to pop some popcorn think of those times you’re spending talking on your phone.

  4. Even if this were true, who aims a cell phone antenna at their head, or talks on a cell phone while it’s ringing?

  5. I don’t think so cause I’d imagine “synchronising” the camera movement from the stove with the movement filming the table would be tricky, unless they have one of those automated cameras (milo). Someone mentioned a microwave without a door. I guess it’s something more like that..

  6. How? Watch carefully, the popped popcorn is thrown onto the table from above. The unpopped kernels are removed from the video digitally. It makes it look like the kernels popped.

  7. Popcorn that pops without heated oil and without browning or smoking slightly, I don’t think so. This is definately done digitally and not in camera.

  8. thats so stupid its somthing under the table heating it i saw another person do that they were looking under the table and then table caught on fire lol

  9. so fake, we tried that at work with more phones and nothing happened. Let me just say we used advanced pocket pcs, haha.

  10. Totally Fake!!If we could do this, our hands and ears would burn as well… They probably put some hot stuff beneath the table.

  11. Of course we had to. Since that radiation affecting that popcorn is intense, do you think Im not gonna worry about that since Im putting a phone on my ear when its possibly frying my brain? hahaha.

  12. This was a stunt by a phone company to create a bunch of videos on several profiles of this “working” to see hands free systems, look it up

  13. pop corn and orange juice?? That’s even stranger than tryin to prove this to be real, too funny and still a 5*****


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