40 thoughts on “Powell Shooting (Cell Phone Camera)

  1. A suspect armed with a knife can cover 21 feet in a second and a half, too
    quickly for an officer to respond with appropriate lethal force in self

    You come within 21 feet of a cop while armed with a knife, and you’re done
    Now, these cops held back until he was much too close. They were clearly
    trying to avoid this outcome. This was suicide by cop.

  2. 1:29 the man pulls a knife and then starts heading closer to the officers.
    If the officer feels his life is in danger he (and anyone really) has the
    right to defend themselves with lethal force. It’s the same as having a
    conceal carry permit. You do not pull your gun unless you mean to use

  3. Fucking cowards are still pointing their guns at him after they shot him 12
    times and he’s obviously dying on the ground!! COWARDS!!!!!

  4. Yeah to all the people saying they should’ve tazed him can you honestly say
    if a knife wielding maniac was standing 10 feet from you and advancing
    every second you’d put away your gun (assuming you’d have enough time) and
    pull out a tazer which A: Only has one shot, and B: Isn’t always effective
    especially when the person on the receiving end is on drugs like this man
    might very well have been. You really don’t need to answer, you wouldn’t
    and you know it.

  5. Only thing sadder than yet another death is yet another person that can’t
    hold their phone sideways when taking video. Seriously, learn how to
    fucking take video.

  6. For anybody who might be wondering why they cuffed him after he was shot:
    almost every law enforcement agency (if not all) has a protocol to cuff a
    suspect who has had lethal force used against him or her as a safety
    precaution. The officers may believe the suspect is dead, but imagine the
    officers making that presumption and it turning out to be false. That can
    be a dangerous outcome for the officers. I noticed the concern about that
    being expressed in the video and thought I would clarify that for anybody
    who was interested.

  7. He clearly brought this on himself. He immediately approched the first
    officer with the knife seeking to stab the cop, but he pussied out when he
    seen the 1st cops gun in his face, so he walks over to the other cop who
    powell seen was a little slower to pull his gun out, then Powell goes in
    for the kill on the 2nd cop, the cop sees this about to happen and pulls
    his weapon and fires. Suicide by cop.

  8. Seems to me that there was a dispute between a shop owner and an angry
    man… Was the soda’s really stolen?? He placed them in front of the store
    and waited for the police?? The police, drove up pulled their guns and
    murdered a man over a dispute… Cold blooded murder a police force who
    feel they have a right to kill anyone they please.. They carry a badge that
    allows them to do so… SERVE AND PROTECT… Serve and protect
    themselves… God help us all… This country is domed if action is not
    taken to correct the massive corruption in many police agencies.. It wears
    down the legitimacy of our country.. Right now we are no better than North
    Korea, China, Iran, or Nazi Germany… Right is right, and all the BS in
    the world does not change that fact… Thugs are patrolling our streets,
    serving themselves, just as the Nazis did in the 1930’s.. Maybe a massive
    take over by our military of the police is the only solution…

  9. The cops clearly had their guns out BEFORE the guy took the hand out of his
    pocket, revealing the alleged knife. Talk about escalation and

  10. I think he was trying to make a statement about the Brown incident, because
    he was supposedly killed after stealing swisher sweets. More or less
    challenging the cops to kill him for stealing two sodas from a store. And
    they did, in an instant. Maybe he had a knife, maybe not. People lie. Cops
    lie. Cops kill. Fact is, they were trigger happy and could have handled
    that in a non-lethal way. Nothing else matters. This really disgusts me.

  11. This clearly was a threat to the officers.. He was not a threat to other
    people, but to the officer.. He allegedly took two sodas out of the store,
    next thing he would have went for is the cops donuts… People on the
    street seemed better trained at defusing the situation…

  12. To those of you defending the cops. If one day this sort of thing happens
    to your family member or loved one, remember to also defend the cops then.

  13. What I find weird is how they tried cuffing him afterwards. It’s almost as
    if they didn’t want to believe they had killed him. I can imagine
    adrenaline was pumping through their veins like crazy. I bet that 2 seconds
    of firing when this man was running towards them feels like a blur, and
    when he fell to the ground and rolled towards the officer, they may have
    thought he was still trying to attack them (He could have been drugged, his
    erratic behaviour and aggressive attitude could have suggested this, he did
    charge two officers who had guns pointed at him after all), and that’s why
    2 final shots were made. This whole event happened in just a few short
    seconds, the officers were on the defensive after a crazed attacker charged
    at them with a knife, and I bet adrenaline was pumping through the officers
    veins like crazy.

    The people suggesting that they should have shot him in the leg are a
    little stupid. This isn’t the fucking matrix. This is real life. He was a
    mere 8ft away from them and moving towards them (his legs obviously moving
    in this situation), when the first shot was taken. I believe shooting him
    in the leg is not the smartest move to make, at that point you protect
    yourself. And even if they did manage to successfully hit him in the leg
    (which would have been more luck than anything else), there is no reason to
    believe he still wouldn’t have been able to attack them (especially if he
    was on drugs like his behaviour suggested).

    I think the comments along the lines of “they could have just tazed him
    bro!” are also a little stupid, and not very well thought out. Again, the
    man was a mere 8ft away from them when they started firing, and they
    already had their guns drawn. I don’t think they expected this dude to have
    a knife, or to charge towards them when they had 2 guns pointed either. I
    don’t think they could have tazed him under those circumstances, lol. I
    think a more logical suggestion is the guy that got shot shouldn’t have
    pulled out a knife and started running towards 2 officers with guns pointed
    at him while yelling “SHOOT ME MOTHERFUCKER!”.

    Just so you know, I don’t condone what happened in this video. Hell, I’d
    have preferred for the whole event never to have taken place, but it’s
    always interesting to try and understand why the event unfolded like it
    did. However, I will say that the people screaming police brutality
    shouldn’t have access to the internet.

  14. Cops are out of control in this racist backwards southern state! NO JUSTICE
    racist police are the true animals! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE! COPS OFF THE
    STREETS! Put these police imbeciles in cages and throw away the key, then
    lets do what they did to all the people of colour especially African
    Americans…except in slow torture than with bullets and watch them squirm.
    I have no love for them, not one drop remains in my heart for people who
    continuously abuse those with less power! NUNCA MAS!

  15. I live in Canada and WoW just!! WoW …That was saddest thing, my
    condolences to the family and i hope you get Justice even thought that
    won’t bring him BACK!.. ..These cops should be in prison, **America the
    LAND OF THE FREE Huh**!!!I just watched a Murder by the the peoples
    protectors, people trained in conflict resolution!! THAT was an Execution,
    he only comes near them after he’s dead and rolls the ten feet down hill
    towards him,That was straight up Murder!!!They Knew what they were coming
    SHOOTS,a leg even, A Taser,rubber bullets, How about a step back and Talk
    For a Second… you pay these guys TO PUT YOU IN JAIL and Now THEY JUST
    SHOOT FIRST and during a time thats so stressed…THAT’S NOT HELP,its like
    they are trying to start something!!! God help you all down there..Bless…
    There’s something Really WRONG with this…why cuff a dead man, why didn’t
    they have less lethal force, That was so COLD BLOODED! , being a Human,
    this make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This is called SUICIDE BY COP!!

    When they tell you to DROP THE KNIFE, you better DROP THE KNIFE!!! It’s not
    rocket science folks!!!

  17. Very sad, suicide by cop.
    I guess if you want a police man to shoot you dead, pull a knife out of
    your pocket, refuse to drop it when ordered to by two police officers with
    guns drawn, still refuse to drop the knife when given multiple
    opportunities to do so, shout at the police officers pointing guns at you
    to “Shoot me mother F##ker!”, then walk towards the police officers
    brandishing the knife.

    For those people wondering why the police officers shot multiple times, its
    because of their training. The police are taught that once the situation
    has degenerated to the extent that lethal force is needed you continual to
    shoot till the threat is neutralized. This is because many police officers
    have been killed by suspects who have been shot/pepper sprayed/tasered, but
    not stopped. Like I said very sad Kajieme Powell choose suicide by cop.

  18. Only on youtube can you see people defend someone trying to murder another
    human being with a knife.

  19. Fire and brimstone await those that abuse there power on earth. Those
    officers responsible will face that all eternity , and they have no power
    to stop it…. They will never see heaven or be with there families in

  20. This whole situation is fucked up, but am I the only one wondering what the
    video was originally intended to be? Like before the altercation between
    the man and the police?

  21. The commentators do not seem like the most intelligent of sorts. Neither
    is the dead guy.

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    shot is don’t attack a police officer. We’re astounded by the results and
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  23. I hate everyone in this video so fucking bad… Every fucking second of
    this video you can pause and count off a million different things that
    could have been done to prevent this. What the fuck is wrong with people??
    This makes me feel so fucking sick…

  24. Funny how they say, “they could have tased that man”. If they tased him,
    they’d be saying he should’ve just been pepper sprayed. If he was pepper
    sprayed, they would say it should have been just hand to hand take down.
    Nope, that would be brutality too. Just sing him a sweet song as he goes
    off to do some really messed up shit. Also, people don’t realize it, but
    tasers have actually caused heart attacks.

  25. The fucking jigaboo is already misrepresenting (lying like a motherfucker)
    what happened before he even played back his own video footage! Dude had a
    drawn gun in his hand, waving it around and shit, but according to
    numbnuts, the cop should have tasered him! What a fucking mental Hercules
    this fucktard is! The lies to try to make whitey into a villain are just
    reflexive with these people! By the time he tells the story for the fifth
    time, he’ll say the black guy was kissing babies and helping old ladies
    across the street when suddenly a white cop drove up and shot him in the
    face with a bazoooka while spewing racial epithets. Fucking disgraceful.

  26. see I’m all for what’s right and LIVES matter but this is the stupid stuff
    I don’t like. Despite right from wrong or whatever. All of this could have
    be avoided by him one, not stealing and two, not aggravating or disobeying
    the officers. The Black community mainly sit here and try to make all these
    “victims” to be 100% innocent and they are not. I’m not saying its for cops
    to just kill them but at the same time. why be fucking dumb and give them a
    reason to.. if he would have even just stopped and got on the ground. this
    may would have never happened. if he did and they killed him anyway then
    yeah I would have felt sorry for but it this case. he had it coming despite
    right from wrong. even if they killed him just because he is black. we got
    to do better.

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