Residential Duct Cleaning Process: DUCTZ

Residential Duct Cleaning Process: DUCTZ

Residential air duct cleaning process by our DUCTZ professionals. We are certified, qualified and use proprietary techniques to clean, recondition and restore heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

11 thoughts on “Residential Duct Cleaning Process: DUCTZ

  1. will cost like $600 or more to get are cleaned lol. are ducts caked in dust…found a nut along the way in they.

  2. How can I eliminate smoke odor from my air ducts it’s cause I was grilling outside my house under the open garage and the smoke went into the attic and my house had a lot of smoke inside and the central air suck it inthru the vent I’ve changed the filter had put candles with nice smell and my wife wash all the curtains And nothing has worked so far if anyone has an idea please reply thanks

  3. It’s funny I worked for this company, and let me tell you we do not do that. Lol those boots that are connected to the ducts are made of fiberglass. You should ask the question, why don’t they show how the inside of the ducts look? Or why you only see him stick the brush in a couple of feet hmmmm?? ?. That return box is also made fiberglass, that’s a plus he put a sleant on it, so you won’t have all that fiberglass blowing in your house. I’m guessing this house might have old ductwork porous, or asbestos. Either way we wouldn’t clean it is to much of a liability damaging it.

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