Tips On Choosing The Right Women’s Golf Dresses

It is a known fact that golf is a game which attracts both men and women. Though it was previously the domain of men, today there are dozens of women who also play this game. There is big money to be made and there are many women golfers who are perhaps as good as their male counterparts. Like all other games,womens golf clothes has also evolved and changed. Along with this, quite a few other changes also have taken place. The dress codes also have gone through quite a few changes. Today there are different categories of dress standards as far as women’s golf is concerned. On the one hand, we have rigid dress codes which are enforced by some well known and reputed golfing tournament organizers. On the other hand, you can also come across some organizers who are a bit lenient as far as the dress codes and other such things are concerned. Without too much wastage of time, we will try and find out the various dress codes which any aspiring women golfer should bear in mind.

Not All Of Them Have Dress Codes

Before moving further into the actual subject matter, we need to understand that are quite a few golf courses where dress codes are not strictly followed. But the common thread is that the dress must be decent and should not try and expose too much of the women’s body. While some courses do not allow shorts, and jeans, there are others which do permit them but with some rider. However, in most courses, there is one thing common. No services and shirts are allowed by most of the golf courses.

The Strictness Vary

We also need to bear in mind that the dress codes could vary in rigidness and strictness. This would depend on the policies that the tournament managers have in place. While it would be difficult to put down on paper the level of strictness, there are some ways by which you can have some idea. The course fee and the dress code often have a close relation. The higher the golf course fee, the stricter could be the dress code. However, this cannot be considered as a uniform rule and there could be variations from one course to another.

Slacks And Collared Shirts Are The Norms

In most courses, a ladies sleeveless golf shirts and slacks should be good enough to let you take part in the tournaments. Most courses also allow Dockers-style shorts and this could certainly come in handy during summer seasons. There are some not too highly priced golf courses which also allow blue jeans and denim but they are few and far between.

The Tide Could Be Turning

While most golf courses are very particular about the kind of women’s golf dresses that the participants should wear, a whiff of fresh wind could be in the offing. Many small-sized courses are being more liberal in the dress requirements. This is being down to attract more numbers of women golfers. Many aspiring women golfers prefer to stay away from the sport because of the rigid dressing requirements and a few courses are keen on correcting this perception.

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