TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Video

TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Video

Test video of the Turbobrite air duct cleaning system for 589.00

10 thoughts on “TurboBrite Air Duct Cleaning Video

  1. I’m curious to know how you plan on fitting a 2×4 thru that opening on that hose….

  2. The tool unscrews into two parts, allowing you to put in the necessary centering brush, then screw the two pieces of the tool back together.

  3. What do you mean by 2×4? The tool unscrews to accomodate different sized centering brushes (the white brush as seen in the video) and the turbobrite is functional in ducts ranging from 4 to 10 inch circular, and with the gold package add-on, is capable of cleaning residential trunk lines. Where are you getting the 2 x 4 measurements?

  4. I’m referring to a 2×4″ peice of wood. You know, general construction debris. It just seems as if the vacuum hose used here would be way to small to remove objects like wood, or tennis balls ect. How do you go about removing those?

  5. No machine is able to remove large debris like a 2 x 4, you would have to cut a hole in the ducting, and remove it by hand.

  6. Ummm, yeah you would have to cut a hole in the ducting.. is there any other way to clean ducts? I use a 10,000 cfm machine and remove these kinds of debris every day. I use the carpet truck mounts for carpet like they were designed for. I use an 8″ diameter hose. Not cutting your method down, just questioning whether or not is a legitimate way to make a living. If you don’t cut into the ductwork and clean by nadca standards, i’d be inclined to think it’s not. I used rotobrush, not a good method.

  7. You’re absolutely right, and for people who are interested in buying negative air systems like what you’ve got, we sell those systems by multiple different vendors. This allows for carpet cleaners to “test the water” on duct cleaning so to speak, with minimum out of pocket cost.

  8. Well, by just running the hose along the bottom of the duct, you’re only removing dust from the bottom of the duct, the whip & centering brush combo ensures equal agitation on all sides. A 36 blower should be sufficient for a truckmount, and dual 3-stage motors (in air parallel) for a portable. Obviously a negative air machine is best, which is why the turbobrite is a “foot in the door” system, making it not the best system in the world, but probably the most economic one to start with.

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