Wikipedia: Its Strength and Weakness

Wikipedia is a free web-based encyclopedia built collaboratively by a user community known as Wikipedia. It is one of the most popular digital references available online, and anyone enrolled on the website can submit articles for publication. On January 15th, 2001, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger launched Wikipedia as an earlier encyclopedia project called Nupedia. Essentially, Wikipedia was designed to generate content for Nupedia. Wikipedia is led by five pillars, often known as its principles, which are as follows: it is an encyclopedia produced from a neutral point of view; it is free content that anyone can use, modify, share, or edit; and it allows editors to communicate with one another in a civilized manner.

A business needs to have a Wikipedia page for several reasons, including increasing its online reputation and trust. It is also important to increase search engine exposure, and many individuals often view Wikipedia pages as a standard reference. One must follow the proper steps to create a Wikipedia page, which are as follows.

How To Create a Page on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the world’s most visited websites, with millions of citizens relying on the internet for information. It is one of the earliest platforms and is a sign of trust. The publisher resources on Wikipedia enable a user to improve a company’s online reputation while providing reliable information about a firm.

  • The first stage is to examine the project scope to grasp the strategy for its construction. It is critical to gather all of the necessary information and create an exceptional draft, to begin with.
  • The next stage is to investigate the topic pages or topic by analyzing and auditing the importance of an issue and then search for the best and most important information.
  • The next step is to write a draft based on the available reference links, produce a well-researched page with exciting content, send the return workforce approval, and make the necessary surgery modifications in the draft.
  • The final and fastest step following final approval is to upload the finished content to Wikipedia for publication. Once the article is live, monitor the page so that you know any future changes in your Wikipedia entry service.

Strength And Weaknesses of Wikipedia

The strength of Wikipedia is that it is free, and access to material on thousands and millions of topics is available to everyone with internet access. It is constantly updated, as compared to other print encyclopedias. Wikipedia is a great place to start research because it provides all the background information about the topic and accessible keywords that can help conduct research. The sources used in the article are set up to allow for investigation of any matter that a person is searching for—discussing its shortcomings. Anyone can create, edit, or delete Wikipedia articles, which cannot be considered academic because no one knows who contributed to them. These articles appear in the information very frequently, and the intended audience can also vary on this website because some pieces are returned from insider points of view. In contrast, others are written from an outsider’s perspective. top Wikipedia writer in the USA


In this article, Wikipedia and its page creation are discussed, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Concluded which conditions a person should use and in which situations they should use Wikipedia to become familiar with topics at the beginning and find more terms or keywords for research topics. Still, it would help if you did not search Wikipedia pages for your bibliography, assignments, papers, etc. wiki social media monitoring

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