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Greetings & Salutations

First & foremost, thank you for taking the time to visit the website.

ColonialDistributions.com is an alternative media source of unofficial football propaganda for Chelsea FC supporters residing within the Canadian Provinces & the United States.

Established for the progression of football culture in North America, project contributors are active supporters concerned with the preservation of terrace heritage in the global era of modern/marketing football.

All efforts & resources vested in the project are dedicated to the native support of CFC.

Proclamation & Disclaimer

It is the Liberty of men to promote truth & to identify fallacies.

The views expressed within www.colonialdistributions.com are those of each individual project contributor & are not necessarily those of Colonial Distributions, other supporters within our family at Chelsea, our friends at ‘cfcuk’, other affiliated parties or supporter groups.

The views expressed within www.colonialdistributions.com are definitely not those of Chelsea Football Club PLC.

Purpose & Action

“I look around. I look around. I see a lot of new faces”
– Tyler Durden

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It goes without saying that times have changed on the Fulham Road. Fortune fills the cabinet with silver on a steady basis & somewhere along the 1905 timeline, it’s became an expected pace.

Gone are the days of the terraces, cup parades & loyalty point requirements for season tickets. The electronic age of man has presented SW6 to the four corners of the earth. The landscape of English football has evolved into something that many veteran supporters would have never imagined possible.

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The future of the club depends on the individual supporters ability to master the grammar & logic of the culture. It would be wise to utilize our inert critical thinking capabilities to determine what is & is not proper Chels rhetoric.

Learn to identify appeals to common practice, flattery, novelty, necessity & popularity. The ‘Chelsea brand’ is an oxymoron & fallacious by it’s own definition.

Colonial Distributions would encourage everyone to remain positive & to always back our troops as they do the business for us on the pitch, no matter the circumstances off it.

The bond between support, club & the football itself is symbiotic. Subtract any one of the three from the equation & we lose the essence of CFC.

Projects & Updates

Current task at hand is the distribution of ‘cfcuk’ to Canada & the US. This is our number one action priority & we are thrilled to announce we are able to keep the fanzine at the same $2 match-day cover price, plus post.

Special thanks to ‘cfcuk’ for giving us the nod to put ink to paper. As foreign supporters, your fanzine has been a staple to our development & growth over the years.

Other media projects sit on the horizon. Please be patient with us during our growing pains.

Primary updates regarding this website will be made through Facebook & Twitter.


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