AC031 See How RAMAir Duct Cleaning Equipment Improves Profits!

AC031 See How RAMAir Duct Cleaning Equipment Improves Profits!

RamAir – the ClearView Duct Cleaning System

A new revolution in duct cleaning that lets the customer see all the dust and dirt being collected. And that’s dust and dirt that won’t be blown out of the heating ducts onto their freshly cleaned carpets, accumulating on countertops, and being sucked into their lungs as they breathe.

The patented RamAir system is more effective, more reliable, much faster, gentler on duct work, and less expensive than the rotary brush systems.

Increase Your Profits, With the quickest and most effective duct cleaning system to date.

Easily Earn 0 0 & MORE per job!

18 thoughts on “AC031 See How RAMAir Duct Cleaning Equipment Improves Profits!

  1. Raymond, glad to hear the RamAir System is working for you so well.
    We’ve been getting feedback like this from cleaners all over the country who are reporting tremendous success.

    Please stay in touch, and let me know if there is anything you ever need.

  2. This 4 minute video merely touches on how the system works.
    The areas of the duct system to which you refer are indeed cleaned using the RamAir System.

    If you would like to call me and ask me to explain how the system works in detail, please do.
    I’ll be happy to explain exactly how many, many carpet cleaners across the globe are now very successful duct cleaners by using the RamAir Duct Cleaning System.

    Thanks for viewing!
    David Hart, Founder/CEO RamAir Industries

  3. residentdimon,

    Thank you for your interest in the RamAir System.
    The trunk lines are cleaned by running the duct ball down the length of the lines.
    This is covered in great detail in the training manual and training DVD that comes with the purchase of the RamAir System.

    If you would like further explanation, please give me a call.

    p.s. The RamAir System has been and will continue to be featured in many news articles across the country.

    David Hart- Founder/CEO RamAir Industries

  4. Its a good idea, but as a potential buyer of this system..I dont see what im paying $900 for ?…an air line hose, blower nozzle, ram air tip, and a clear plastic box..seems a bit much..

  5. @locc151 Most portable duct cleaning systems cost between $4,000-$15,000.
    Virtually none of those systems have the near the power of the RamAir System.
    For example, the leading rotary brush system costs several times what the RamAir System costs, and utilizes 163 CFM.
    The RamAir System cleans with 2,000 CFM and up.It’s not just a little “Plug in the wall” unit. Also, RamAir, is
    a “System” for cleaning, that offers marketing and tech assistance free of charge.

  6. @deadrabbit55 We’re absolutely cleaning the trunk lines, return ducts, furnace, etc.
    The RamAir System is by far not only the most affordable portable duct cleaning system available in the world, but also the most effective.
    No other duct cleaning system can match it’s affordability, power, versatility and effectiveness.

  7. Hi John,
    Construction debris, chunks, tile, grout, etc… not a problem for the RamAir System.
    After the debris is blasted from the sides with the duct ball, the vacuum hose is then run down the entire duct. We’ve literally removed whole bricks from duct systems.
    The CFM dissipation you described is true for all duct cleaning “negative air” type systems. “Negative Air” duct cleaning is recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association.

    –David Hart, Inventor- RamAir System

  8. The purchase of the RamAir System includes:
    Polycarbonate (bulletproof) vacuum box
    12 led lights w/ batteries
    20′ high grade braided duct hose
    50′ rubber air hose
    Blow gun
    Comprehensive Training Manual & DVD
    Complete Marketing Package (brochures, flyers, postcards, TV commercial…)
    Free 24/7 tech support
    Access to continued marketing support including leads in your area.

    Please call 888.272.6247 for more information on how you can start making >$300/hour right away.

  9. Hi Swauss,
    I appreciate your taking enough interest in the RamAir System to post a comment.
    Had you watched the entire video, you would have seen that the air movement generated by the furnace fan is meant to help direct the dust and debris in the direction of the vacuum.
    There’s also a powerful blast from an air compressor, and vacuum system at the top of the duct.
    All in all, we’re cleaning with approximately 3,000 CFM, as opposed to less than 175 CFM from most portable brush systems.

  10. The return duct is simply cleaned in the opposite direction, thereby still harnessing the power of the furnace fan.

  11. Hi Frank,

    I appreciate your interest in the RamAir System.

    Our customized Teflon duct ball, industrial grade braided duct hose with brass hardware, 50 rubber airline, air gun, bullet-proof polycarbonate vacuum box with 12 led lights, training manual and DVD, and marketing CD-ROM (Which was valued by the largest cleaning distributor in the world at $5,000 worth of free marketing) are not all you get for your $995!
    You also get unlimited online/phone tech support (continued in following post).

  12. … and our entire team here at RamAir International to help you start and grow your business.
    We’ve been in the industry for decades, and understand what it takes to succeed.
    No other duct cleaning system in the world has the power and versatility of the RamAir System, and no other system pays for itself in just 3 average sized jobs.

    If you’d like to discuss the RamAir System more in depth, please get ahold of us at your convenience.

    David Hart- Founder/President, RamAir International

  13. Absolutely.

    We also now offer RamAir’s Cyclonic PowerVac System, the most portable vacuum system available- made by RamAir for professional duct cleaners who take pride in the work they perform.

  14. This is the system which Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning uses to clean your air vents.

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