Air Duct Cleaning Maryland | Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Maryland | Duct Cleaning

301-388-3919 …Air Duct Cleaning performed by professionals with HEPA equipment improves air quality and HVAC system performance and life. Avoid scams by seeing how your air duct cleaning should be done. If you’ve been lured by air duct cleaning coupons, you might want to watch this before you WASTE your money on air duct cleaning.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was worried about air duct cleaning scams, but still not sure what to look for. This really helped a lot.

  2. thanks for sharing such great info, and helping to shed some light on what real air duct cleaning entails!

  3. Everything he says is good to me (12 years exp doing this work) HOWEVER i disagree with the use of mobile indoor vacs like he is using and prefer “truck mount units” here is why. The mobile vac he has is great for small jobs or high rise building to far for a truck mount to reach.The truck mount offers way more power(suction) then the mobile unit could produce up to 3/4 more in fact @18,000 CFM. It also offers a wide range of degree or how much suction you need (little or alot).

  4. CONTINUED: Not all houses are the same size i have done some big houses up to 8 furnace in one house.In closing i feel the truck mount system is better. But from what i see in this vid he does a good job. But i think in anything outside the size of the house he is in would be questionable.

  5. 18000 cfm after 100′ of hose bending all over the place? Some of the 220V portable will generate 5400 CFM at the duct which is plenty for most residential systems… most duct cant even support 5400 cfms of airflow… 120v portable however is crap….

    jmho – feel free to rebutle… i would like to know how many cfm you get at the duct with a 100 ‘ of hose…

  6. quick question you cant suck all air just on the retun right? it has to be also hooked up in the supply side. this company guy is about to come to my house he wants to use the cobra scrubber and a negative vacuum machine. if he don’t know what he is doing ill say no say jose. go home!!

  7. my friend like this kind of work i work duct cleaning for almost 16 years until now .
    so wan’t to joint in your company.

  8. I do the same job except we use the “Roto Brush” system and a “Hilti” HEPA vac. Most homes in California don’t have Furnaces just the HVAC units so we don’t need to do the cutting into the systems. We usually do atleast 8 supplies and 1 return is the average and it will take up to 3 to 4 hrs by the time u do the cleaning of the ducts clean all the registers and clean up. We use Envirocon in our foggers sense the EPA doesn’t endorse any type of duct cleaner.. And “Sanitization” of air ducts is not legal

  9. We charge 125 for dryer vents alone.. So those 49.99 specials for a complete house is garbage. Our price is around 500

  10. I wish you would have shown how you plugged all the holes you made in the duct work, especially considering I recently spent hundreds on duct insulation improvements.  The last thing I want to do is make holes in my ducts.

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