Bryce Gruber On Fox Business Network

Bryce Gruber On Fox Business Network

Bryce Gruber talks about facebook marketing principles on FOX Business Network, 11/28/2007

9 thoughts on “Bryce Gruber On Fox Business Network

  1. I saw her on matchmaker. Rather than call her a snob, I just thought she came across as frigid and uptight. Her date was at least making an effort to be charming and all she did was just sit there, nothing to say, with this cynical attitude. She is so uncomfortable.

  2. Bryce is a pretty amazing woman. For those of you who are judging her based on a trashy reality show with huge editing liberties tells me you are nothing more than the uneducated trash the Millionaire Matchmaker’s demographics target. Bryce is a classy and sophisticate woman with more talent than anyone in your gene pool is capable of comprehending.

  3. @blavezzoli You must be that breed of earth worm that equates wealth with class. I’ve seen her lack of class on her rediculous vajazzle video and website, as well as Matchmaker Millionaire… her pretentious, “what can you do for me” disposition shines through on all mediums so save the malicious editing excuse. Talk about uneducated… use your brain please.

  4. whatever we went to college together and she’s great. haters can hate she’s a good genuine person.

  5. she would be very lucky to have any guy want to date her. she’s a typical new york snobby bytch..and not very attractive at all.

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