Cell Phones In Church

Cell Phones In Church

One church’s light-hearted response to annoying cell phones ringing during services.

33 thoughts on “Cell Phones In Church

  1. Love, Love. Love it! What a great, humorous way to get the message across! Love it when church remembers that humor is not a sin!

  2. Your wrong that this doesn’t offend Christians, I don’t like it. Our call as Christians is to extend love and grace to those that don’t follow Christ as well as to those that don’t. America is becoming more and more un-churched, and if we are to reach those that have never heard the gospel we have to quit disqualifying people with our qualifications. Do I get annoyed at phones going off where they shouldn’t? Sure, but I think a video with 3Mil views on the subject sends the wrong message.

  3. I’m a clergyman, and I love this promo! I especially love (NOT!) when the thing goes off and somebody gets up and walks to the door to answer it!

  4. Alpha, we know how you christians really are. You’re ready to send EVERYONE to that fire lake.

  5. If the Bible were written today, there would be an eleventh commandment: Thou shalt turn off all electronic, messaging and telephone devices during mass.

  6. Haha! The problem, though, is that these days, if people turned off their cell phones, they wouldn’t be able to read their Bibles 🙂

    (There IS silent mode, however 😉 )

  7. Yikes! This is gonna scare a lot of people. I’ve heard of a person getting healed because they responded to a message being relayed to them via text message from a friend of theirs sitting under Joseph Prince’s teaching.

  8. This is hilarious, and I agree totally! I admit I’m not a church goer, but cell phones don’t belong in church, or any other public gathering for that matter.  The vibrate feature is in every phone…use it!

  9. my phone went off and my church is full of black ppl my ring tone was like my nigga  nigga omfg I was so embarrassed

  10. For my friends in ministry, I thought you might appreciate the humor in this little video…. ha, ha, ha,

  11. This is my Church. Mike, I love when people mention this video to me, or email it to me, because I can say “hey, I go there!” or “I know the guy that made it!” 🙂

  12. ok the blowing up part funny, but um?…. so dramatic over a phone, if you don’t want anybody texting, leave it in the car, not blow somebody up.. crazy people. ¬.¬

  13. My phone is on vibrate. But I just check it when no one is looking. I’m an adult and is a free country to look at my phone. ?

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