Double Your Phone Storage For Free

Double Your Phone Storage For Free

➤NOTE – This video is a joke, but I have switched to only making REAL tech videos, see some here ▶
This tutorial will show you how you can double your smartphone’s storage by manipulating the flash memory within it. Phone memory uses what is called Multi-Layer Cell memory, but not all of the storage is available by default. Here I’ll show you how you can add double the memory by activating extra flash memory layers within each cell.

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32 thoughts on “Double Your Phone Storage For Free

  1. It is fake, you won’t be able double your storage….Put the phone in the microwave oven you can triple the storage…

  2. Oh my gosh!!!
    In the thumbnail he had a smasung galaxy j3 prime,
    And that’s the phone i own right now.

  3. Very clever and well explained. Thank you. I’m just gonna find enough wire to go round my head and try that. 🙂

  4. Hmm, in the 70’s I piggybacked aftermarket ram chips onto the ram chips in an Atari 400 then ran a jumper to the mainboard to double its ram. Used the Atari 400 for several years as an old fashioned dial up bbs on searchlight software. I had not thought about that in decades.

  5. After reading comments, something come to my mind to do it. How tfuck can this happen

  6. You think you’re cool? . You making useless clip. If you want to become funny its better to change your genius look face

  7. Helpful tip: use this method over a hot stove this will allow the GB to flow much faster due to them being in a much more excited state if you do this correctly your phone will explode forcing you to buy a phone with better storage

  8. I listened to his gibberish for like 5 seconds in the beginning, then I went to the 3nd of the video where he placed everything on it and I was like -_-

  9. Do you ever tell the truth.Your videos are ridiculous! It’s not even worthy of being called a joke. It’s just cruel to all the people who believe you and try it only to have it fail time and again. You should be banned from posting these hacks.

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