Facts You Need to Know About Coal Tar Epoxy Shelters

Coal Tar is a sub-product of coal gas and coke production which is mixed with polyepoxide to derive Coal Tar Epoxy, it is highly resistant to temperature and moisture. Generally it is used to protect ship hulls, tug boats, tornado shelters, pipelines against corrosion and micro organisms. Shelters made with steel are often coated with Coal Tar Epoxy.

Coal Tar Epoxy primers are used on saltwater immersion service, widely used on submarines to protect the heavy build exterior in saltwater.

 Coal Tar Epoxy Shelters are made with heavy gauge steel plates, since it is for life saving purposes it is important to keep it protected and ready for use. At the time of a storm or a tornado, these Enid storm shelters becomes the essential thing to save lives and valuables. Storm shelters coated with Coal tar Epoxy possess greater longevity and safety.

Smaller Oklahoma  storm shelters can hold up to 5 people, medium size shelters can hold up to 8 people, large size shelters can hold up to 12 people. Fitting it to the floor is the most important thing to do, with high quality concrete cement the much needed safety can be attained.

Safe Rooms & Underground Tornado Shelters:

 Underground Tornado Shelters are built underneath your garage or carport. Depending on the size of the shelter, the depth and amount of concrete cement is used. Quality of the cement plays a vital role in holding it within the ground while your area experience a tornado or a storm. With instant foods and emergency medical kit, one’s family can survive even a longer lasting storm or tornado without worries inside an Underground Tornado Shelter. Lever to open the shelter is located at the top side, it is protected with extra rubber tubing to prevent it from opening during the event of tornado. Proper ventilation is very important to survive within the shelter.

 Safe rooms are built above the ground level, when there are elderly people in the house, safe rooms becomes a convenient option. At the time of tornado most elderly people might find it difficult to reach downstairs to get into the storm shelter, Safe rooms are the best alternative for underground Tornado Shelters. Safe rooms can be accessed in a moment notification, which is a much better choice for elders and kids.

Safety Level:

 Safety Level is equal on both safe rooms and underground tornado shelters. But in both cases the shelter should be purchased from reliable manufacturers. A sorry face can’t compensate the loss of life or physical injuries due to the tornado attack. Proper build quality and professional installation methods decides the safety levels in long term. If the storm shelter is able to withstand rough weathers and moisture, then the chances are more for it to withstand time decay.

Coal Tar Epoxy shelters are a good choice for people who lives in areas prone to tornado and storm attacks. One should invest on a good Coal Tar Epoxy shelter to keep the family in safety at times of natural disaster. Spending a little more money doesn’t harm you as long as it provides safety to your family.