Fall Lawn Care Tips

The end of summer does not necessarily mean the end of Nichols Hills lawn care as well. In fact, it’s time to get prepared for the winter season after months of developing a healthy lawn, combating weeds and enjoying the garden along with your near and dear ones during summer. Below, we have mentioned several essential fall lawn care guidelines that should help your cause significantly.

  1. Aerate

This is a fantastic way to minimize thatch and also get rid of soil compaction. For this, you need to make use of a device known as the hollow-time aerator. Aerating will likewise help to enhance the health of the turf stand, increase the infiltration of water plus air, and so on. Make it a point to operate the device several days following the rain when the soil becomes a bit damp. This is due to the fact that soil aerators are not able to cut deep into the dry and hard soil. It will be a smart idea to allow the soil cores to break down over the subsequent few weeks.

  1. Mowing

During the fall, your lawn gets prepared to become dormant for the remaining part of the year and does not develop very fast. Instead of mowing it quite frequently during the last few weeks, make it a point to shorten the height of the mower than what it was during summer. Lower the height gradually every time the lawn is mowed till the length of the grass becomes approximately 1.5 inches high.

However, take care not to remove 1/3 of the blade or anything lesser since your grass can get shocked in that case. Moreover, try to mow your lawn service in the evening since it will be feasible to avoid the scorching sun after sunset. As a matter of fact, you will need to mow your lawn much less frequently during the fall as compared to the summer months.

  1. Weeding

Hopefully, you have succeeded in getting rid of the weeds by fall. Nevertheless, in case of any holdout, try to take care of them before the snow and the leaves make it quite tough for you to do so. Interestingly, some of the weeds can prove to be quite difficult to find and take care of and some can likewise be too aggressive for you to manage during the fall.

  1. Rake the lawn

Try to get rid of the accumulation of leaves from the lawn before the snow starts falling. The leaves will begin to decompose in the course of time, thus taking out moisture the soil and offering a fantastic opportunity for the bugs to damage the lawn as well. Apart from this, the thick layers of decomposing leaves can likewise leave spots in the lawn during the spring thus enabling the weeds to quickly invade the entire territory.


Apart from all the above-mentioned tips, you will come across many more on the web. Feel free to spend some time online and look at the relevant videos and articles on this particular topic that will help you to take care of your lawn during fall in the best possible way.