FOX Business Network Mocks Hillary At West Palm Beach Rally: ‘Plenty Of Space’

FOX Business Network Mocks Hillary At West Palm Beach Rally: ‘Plenty Of Space’

FOX Business Network Mocks Hillary at West Palm Beach Rally: “Plenty of Space”

32 thoughts on “FOX Business Network Mocks Hillary At West Palm Beach Rally: ‘Plenty Of Space’

  1. This is proof that the election is rigged. How can you have 10,000to 20,000 people at any given time in your opponent has barely 1000 but yet somehow you are down in the polls??

  2. LMAO, can’t fill a HS gym… DJT overfills airport hangers. Just last week, 3 events in 3 states, in ONE day @ 10, 15, 20 THOUSAND attendees…

  3. CROOKED HILLARY CAUGHT USING GREEN SCREEN: When you watch this video of Crooked Hillary’s speech from here in Florida, you will see some amazing things. First, you will see a background section that is in 2-D and not 3-D, like a projected image on a wall would look. Secondly, you see when anyone steps in front of that background, there appears a darkened halo around them. Why would that be? Well, that happens in what we call green screen technology, and in this case, poorly done green screen. #GreenScreen #CrookedHillary

  4. That’s right Adam, it’s quite a bit different from a Trump rally! Minority women for Trump! Gotta vote folks, gotta get out there and offer rides, talk to your friends and family, get them to the polls!!! Rallys don’t matter if he doesn’t get elected. Don’t let The Evil One close to the White House!

  5. As of a few days ago rally count was; Trump-87, Clinton-34. Clinton had about a dozen with 1k or more in attendance. Trump only 7 with 1k or less(his more intimate town halls). This doesn’t just prove the enthusiasm for Trump but also that he is a work-horse and Clinton couldn’t even put in a 40hour week if she had too. I want a President that will work hard for America & its people…….Trump/Pence the only ticket to get this Country moving & save us all from the grasps of Globalism. If Clinton didn’t have the BIASED media doing her job for her, she would be trailing even Johnson & Stein in the polls.

  6. Lies, they overestimated how many people were there. I think I see more people at a Starbuck’s line.

  7. Hillary is no motivational speaker… she has this pretentious grating voice which I cannot stand. She is no leader.

  8. The mainstream media are trying to create an alternative universe but we on the ground aren’t buying it.

  9. 15,000 to 20,000 for Trump at every rally and 1,000 to 10,000 at Clinton’s rallies. How can the media really expect us to believe that Clinton is winning?

  10. This is one of the reasons why I have reservations about the polls that are being produced by many in the media.

  11. This is the ULTIMATE PROOF of what is “really” what!!!  hitlery gets 1000 (TOPS) to her rallies, while Trump had 55K JUST THE OTHER DAY!!!! (and I just barely read that HITLERY HAS BEEN CAUGHT HAVING PEOPLE “BUSED” INTO HER RALLIES TO TRY TO GET PEOPLE TO SHOW UP!!!!- like PEOPLE WORKING HER CAMPAIGN FROM ALL OVER!!!!)


  12. Haha, who taught this guy to count. That’s not even a thousand people. Christ, we had a bigger crowd at my high-school assemblies.

  13. There’s not even close to a 1000 people there! This shows you a sample of voters and so can’t be close to Trump! A PAID win I would suggest!

  14. NOT A TRUMPER — But if he doesn’t walk away with this, I mean like 40-states in the bag walk away with this, something was rigged.

  15. a Trump rally would not fit in there you dick. there are only about 400 there tops and the only reason those people (that don’t look enthuzed at all) are there is because they are paid. check craigslist in every state.

  16. But Shillery has Jay Z and Adele giving free concerts for her. I will never buy or listen to these crooks. Boycott Adele, big ars Lopez, and the rest of the sell out crooks.

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