Fox Business Network On Chamber Climate Hoax

Fox Business Network On Chamber Climate Hoax

10/19/09: Fox Business Network anchor Brian Sullivan reports that U.S. Chamber of Commerce has decided to support climate legislation, but updates live that upon checking with the chamber, the Reuters wire story appears to be wrong.

BRIAN SULLIVAN: Been a reversal on climate change from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Breaking news right now: Chamber of Commerce saying it will reverse its position on the climate change bill and wants a carbon tax, if you will, in the Senate bill on climate change. Remember, companies like Exelon and other power producers, primarily those of a nuclear side, left the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because the chamber opposed the climate change bill. Now, the chamber reversing its position. The reason that Exelon and others left is they said, well, this may be a tax on business, but we need to know what carbon is worth. they want to have more after set price.

All right, so, the U.S. Chamber is denying it now.

All right. So, maybe not. So apparently we just called the Chamber of Commerce, said, “Can you give us more comment on the headlines crossing?” And they’re denying that they are changing their position on climate change legislation, trying to figure out where did the original headlines come from, Justin? Excuse me. All right, coming on the news wires here. Reuters news wire, speak to go my producer. Live TV, folks. So Reuters reporting that U.S. Chamber of Commerce will no longer oppose climate change legislation. We called them up moments ago and said apparently the headline on Reuters may be incorrect. A drama between Reuters and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on climate change legislation.

21 thoughts on “Fox Business Network On Chamber Climate Hoax

  1. LOL, false news.

    On the eve of a huge business boom in Clean Tech, the Chamber of Commerce is dragging its feet. We need a new Chamber, that’s for sure.

  2. It was a hoax done by the Yes Men. Check out the TYT coverage of it. the confrontation between the fake commerce guy and the real on was AWESOME!!!!!

  3. Search on YouTube for “Will the Real Chamber of Commerce Please Stand UP?” by user Fluxdepot, posted Oct. 19, 2009, for the actual footage of the hoax press conference… good stuff!

  4. Reuters is in bed with Obuckwheat and Gorebal warning hoax. They put out false info and expected uninformed people accept it as fact. Bravo to FOX for putting the Reuters on the spot. Nothing like a live rebuttal, from the COC, to refute reuters story…I do mean story.

  5. yeah that was an intentional prank toFOX and CNBC to see if they check their facts and CNBC lost…they took it as fact. power to the people!!! at least FOX checked their facts.

  6. Do these morons not know the difference between climate and weather? Apparently not. What a joke.

    Though I gotta hand it to them. They don’t make the mistake of talking to people like adults. They talk to their audience like they’re children….and it works.

  7. Countries all over the world have established departments and similar to deal with climate/pollution issues, but I guess according to Fox they’re all in on a huge conspiracy/scam to take people’s tax money or something? Is that the “conspiracy” idea?

  8. I recommend Cool It,to everybody that want to hear a opnion on carbon tax. Donwload Cool It by torrent.

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