New Womens Golf Skirts

Adding Golf Skirts To Our Distribution Line

New Women's Golf Skirts New in 2017 we will be adding a new line of women’s golf skirts and golf skorts to our distribution channel. This new line of women’s golf attire will compliment our already impressive line of golf shoes being shipped from Amazon. We will increase our output by offering our products on outside sales channels like Ebay and Etsy. Women’s golf has increased in popularity over the years and we are excited to add a sophisticated line of cute women’s golf skirts and tops from one of the leaders in fashion and design. From low cut black pleated, to ruffle cut, white and sleek. The newly added garments will boost online sales and improve our reputation as a leading distributor of women’s online apparel.

Coming SOON Women’s Clubs

Not going to stop with cute tops and skirts, we are also working with PING to distribute their line of women’s golf clubs to our existing client base. With over 10,000 sales taking place online since January of 2017, our network of sales channels will allow us to distribute golf clubs to our vendors and retail outlets. With clubs for driving, chip shots, and putting irons, there will be┬áno shortage of quality clubs in inventory by 2018.

Bundle And Save

save money on shippingYou can pre order our skirt and tank top combo online at our outlet site now and save 10% when you order both in advance before the scheduled launch date. Our shipping department will also be offering free shipping for the first 100 orders placed online before December 1st. Take advantage of the savings and purchase your bundle today before the holiday season kicks off and inventory runs dry. Our online order form is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.