How To Clean AC Ducts

How To Clean AC Ducts

Complete Home Source Duct Removal
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Is the air you’re breathing in your home healthy? Does your family have allergies? Are you frequently dusting? These could be signs that it’s time to have your ducts cleaned. You’d be amazed at the amount of dirt, dust and debris that can collect over time within your duct system. Dirt that is continuously recycled throughout the home is exposed to every member of your family, including your kids and pets. Listen, if you’re in this situation Precision air can help.

What you need is a complete source removal duct cleaning. This is the most effective way to clean your air ducts and ventilation system.

• First the technician will lay down tarps throughout your home and cover your furniture with plastic sheeting to ensure that everything remains clean.
• Next, he will tape off all vents to create negative pressure in the duct system.
• Then he will remove the register furthest from the AC System on one end of the home. He will hook up the Air-Care Turbo jet Negative Air Machine to “pull” loose debris out of the air system to which they are connected and filter out harmful debris such as pollen, dust and mold spores with its 3 stage HEPA filter system. The HEPA filtered vacuum system collects the dirt in a containment unit for later disposal.
• Now we will need an agitating device to “Push” debris to properly clean the air system. Our power machine brushes are designed to loosen and agitate debris so the Turbo Jet can pull it out. We will insert the brushes through the duct opening to disturb the debris as far upstream and downstream as possible.
• While that is happening, the technician will take the register to clean it with a solution and anti-bacterial rinse. This will disinfect and clean the register to be just like new.
• Next we will begin the re-install process of the register working our way towards the register that the Air-Care machine is hooked to.
• Cleaning the interior of any air system is only half the job. Now that your ducts have been cleaned, we can apply Biocide. This will completely sanitize your duct system killing all mold spores dust mites and airborne pathogens that exist in your home. Industry standards recommend having your air ducts and vents inspected every two years, with cleanings performed as necessary. New home? We recommend having your ducts inspected immediately. It is common for builders to leave behind construction debris in the ductwork. Not only does this reduce airflow, but also provides the perfect attachment points for dust and organic material to accumulate.

So, keep the indoor air quality of your home at its best year round by having your duct system professionally cleaned and sanitized. Remember when it comes to getting it done right it’s all about Precision “Make the Precision Decision Today!” And get a real Duct Cleaning. Call 602 Fix My Ac or visit us on line at Precision Air and Heating do com.

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