How To Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

How To Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

Do you need a stronger wireless signal or greater network access? I’m Mark Erickson, and this is Infinite Solutions. In this episode, I’ll show you a simple hack to extend the range of your wireless card.

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29 thoughts on “How To Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

  1. Cause when I’m out and about with my laptop, I always keep aluminum foil, Ethernet cable and a salad bowl with me… Just in case.

  2. guys the Trick with the phone still works only thing is you might want to remove your phone cover and protectors, the rubber in the covers block the signal!

  3. Don’t need a phone, wrap ethernet cable around your neck and put the salad bowl on your head .. works even better

  4. hahah nah way man.. I did that satellite signal thing.. even worse I’d hang my dongle out of the window. People on Facebook even said it helped.

  5. I completely covered the salad bowl with tin foil and just wore it as a hat. No i get free wifi every I go. Awesome LPT!

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