How To Select Your Golf Sports Dress

Nowadays, Stylish womens golf clothes wear has become stylish, colorful, and comfortable. They are not required to wear the white polo shirt and khaki shorts. As compared to men, women are given slightly more flexibility is choosing what to wear on the golf course. These days, the managements at resort style, private, and semi-private golf course have become strict in making the players wear proper attire. Even though there are slight variations among different courses, the dress codes are pretty much standard. The intention behind keeping strict dress codes is that wrong messages should not be sent. Some of the common dresses worn by women on golf courses are as follows:


Most women are ordered to wear sleeved or sleeveless blouses having collars as tops. However, the most common top among women golfers is a polo-style shirt. The tops come in different designs and colors such as V-neck, zip-top, long & ladies sleeveless golf shirts, button down, etc.


During spring, women mostly wear slacks on golf courses. These are changed to shorter slacks during warmer days. Generally, the shorter pants are of knee length ruffle hem skirt & short combination is also worn.


Women are advised to wear a visor or cap during sunny days for keeping the sun out of their eyes. They are also allowed to use sunglasses, which gives them a more stylish look.


Not many golf courses have made it compulsory for the women to wear real golf shoes. So, they feel free to try athletic footwear or sneakers. However, metal spikes are totally banned on a number of golf courses. So, female golfers are asked to wear shoes with soft spikes if they wish to go for golf shoes. Some golf sandals are also available that have soft spikes. As far as the socks are concerned, low or no-show socks are preferred with skorts and shorter pants. Women golfers wearing longer pants are made to wear crew socks matching the color of their pants.


Although are optional for female golfers, it is a general tendency among the players to wear a glove on the left hand if they are right handed. Similarly, the lefties wear the glove on right hand. On sunny days, sun gloves are recommended on opposite hand for protection from sun. Likewise, specially designed glove sets are available to be worn in cold weather.


Female golfers often inquire the managements if they are allowed to bring purses to the golf course. During learning sessions, if the female golfers are coming without their golf kit, they are allowed to carry a small purse with them. The wallets should have a clear window for displaying the photo identification and a zipped pouch for credit cards and cash, and a key chain. Nowadays, most of the golf bags come with a pocket for accommodating a small wallet.

Overall, the idea behind golf attire for women is to make to look elegant, stylish, and disciplined at the same time. At no point, the spirit of the game should get affected and one way of ensuring that is to wear a proper dress by both men and women while playing the game.