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This is not corporate media, but independent media, in the truest sense of the words. By ordering subscriptions, one of the literary works or other propaganda made available, you help to keep this ship & the voice of our people in the UK afloat.

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Deluxe Supporter Package – $39.5

CFCUK Item #2001

  • ‘CFCUK’ – 12 Issue Subscription

Stay on beat with the pulse of fellow supporters & the true voice of the club at the same match cover price of $2

  • ‘The Best of CFCUK’ – Volume One

From ‘fighting’ Ken Bates to ‘loving’ Mr Abramovich & containing a linear account of its history, The New Chelsea Book is brought ‘up-to-date’ with testimonials that have been written about ‘cfcuk’ from people within the higher echelons of the club, Chelsea players past and present, and some of the celebrity supporters who regularly read the fanzine.