Product Review: Fastway E2 Weight Distribution Trunion Hitch

Product Review: Fastway E2 Weight Distribution Trunion Hitch

You definitely want some sort of weight distribution hitch for connecting to your tow vehicle. This was recommended by the dealer and since it also has built-in sway control it was an easy sell. We have never towed anything this large before so I do not have any experience for the before but I can say that this camper tows wonderfully and I hope that we can blame this at least a little on the hitch. I have gone up to 75 mph for a very short amount of time and the 25FB followed right along like it was not even there. Definitely recommend this product.

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Fastway E2 Weight Distribution Trunion Hitch

  1. If you have the right tow vehicle in combination with a trailer that is built to tow right you should not need a bandaid like this device. It really is only a bandaid device!

  2. Airstream Nerds I just had my dealer install one of these on my new trailer and if we drove above 30 mph on the way home, the car would bounce constantly. With an 1 1/2 hour drive at highway speeds it wasn’t fun. My wife doesn’t feel comfortable driving with the trailer attached. Do you have any suggestions? Could it be set up improperly?

  3. Hi Jeff, I have been reviewing W/D hitches and asking if you are still using this one. I know the video was done in 2015. Just trying to get any feedback you might have.

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