RamAir Duct Cleaning Training Video

RamAir Duct Cleaning Training Video

This video teaches you how to effectively use your RamAir Duct Cleaning System.

We feel that the RamAir System is the most effective duct cleaning system available. It’s also one of the easiest to use. This instructional video will cover the three simple steps necessary to effectively clean the ducts, furnace (air handler), and filtration systems found in nearly all types of buildings.

3 thoughts on “RamAir Duct Cleaning Training Video

  1. Nice try. HVAC systems don’t have filters at the inlet and at the furnace. They have one or the other. You do realize that the fan will blow that dirt into the AC coils which will act as a filter and plug them up. NICE you just ruined someones ACĀ  and furnace, as all the air passes through the evap coil whether heating or cooling, and with a plugged coil it will cause reduced air flow and cause the furnace to operate at a higher than intended temperature thus creating excessive heat stress on heat exchangers decreasing efficiency and decreasing the life expectancy of the furnace because of that heat stress not to mention predisposing the homeowner to future repairs and professional cleaning of their hvac system as well as replacement of coils. A rheem and rhudd system as you are shown cleaning have multiple a’s in them for efficiency and are extremely difficult to clean and after doing what you did will need to be removed to be cleaned properly. I hope you are going to cover the damage your erroneous cleaning system causes.

  2. You guys don’t know shit about cleaning air ducts. That gun is a joke. Try taking nails and concrete out with that stupid little thing. And you must take your listeners for total idiot’s!
    Why the fuck would the ball be getting “pulled” in further to the line if it’s “pushing” the air out? lol!
    You think its a good idea to push all that built up shit into the supply ducts dipshit??? the fuckin house is gonna look lile a sand storm roled through it if you do that… smh what a bunch of idiots!

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