Rotobrush BrushBeast Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Rotobrush BrushBeast Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Introducing the newest and most powerful Air Duct Cleaning Equipment from Rotobrush, THE BRUSHBEAST!

5 thoughts on “Rotobrush BrushBeast Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

  1. Are you serious????
    Every clip shown, shows a bunch of the suuuuuper lightweight debris being left behind from this piece of junk!

  2. We have used Rotobrush for over 10 years and have upgraded to the Brushbeast, we are extremely impressed with it’s ability to clean the dirtiest duct work. The Rotobrush has the vacuum power right where the dirt is, by the brushes.

  3. THEY ARE USELESS past FIVE FEET in any rectangular duct larger then 8″ x 10″ and Allllllll older homes are only built with rectangular ducts. From what I saw it doesn’t even work like it should in its one feasible application- the 6″ round duct work.
    BTW you will only find sections of 6″ round in homes less than 30 years of age; anything older then that IS ALLLLL rectangular ONLY! If u really want to clean rectangular ducts and large main trunk lines you’ll need some type “source removal” application.Why bother spending $3,000.00 on a machine that only cleans 5 feet into the main trunk line, the heart of a network???? For all that you can just go to home depot by yourself a 5 foot $5 wooden pole and scrape and vacuum those 5 feet out by hand. Saves you $2,995.00+tax and a bunch of repairs on your equipment and your customers homes from snags and such and it would be A LOT FASTER!
    My big question is how does anyone in good conscience walk into A 50 year old home like he or she is going to clean something and then pull out a “rotobrush”????
    I’m not talking to you if you are ALSO using a powerful negative pressure system. And I mean “powerful” negative pressure system- one strong enough that you create SIGNIFICANT pressure throughout the ENTIRE NETWORK. At that point the two techniques CAN complement each other VERY WELL, IF you have a cleaner motivated to do a good job. But I am talking to you, all of you, who are just using rotating brushes to clean homes.

  4. These systems are GARBAGE!! if you see one run as fast as you can!! Hide your wallet!!

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