RSD Founder’s Club – How To Apply Your Pickup Skills To Business, Networking, And Relationships

RSD Founder’s Club – How To Apply Your Pickup Skills To Business, Networking, And Relationships

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The RSD Founder’s club program is bringing you the behind the curtains of RSD, the business skills, the mindsets, and the success skills that we had to develop in order to turn RSD into the company you know today.

This 10 hour program will go in-depth on how to apply proven pick-up skills to high level networking, professional relationships, high end social game and develop a robust social circle of success that will help you grow.

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23 thoughts on “RSD Founder’s Club – How To Apply Your Pickup Skills To Business, Networking, And Relationships

  1. If Owen writes the best copy he sure did write this and Madison’s it’s neatly done I have too say. Really impressed with Owen, Mr. Nick ‘I love it when you call me big papa?’ 😉 Impressive people, love to hear the back stories, a sublime capture GLOBALLY RSD NATION, entertainment, information, movement. Thrilled the World.

  2. RSD (Guys), As much as I respect your hard work. I had to get this off my chest.

    Mystery Method vs. RSD methods. Mystery method is a little longer process, however when the women is gamed – she is seriously hooked. RSD methods are pretty good as well, however as mystery says it “Fools Mate”. There is no true substance when you’ve gamed a women so quickly… 1 night stands, quick BJ etc. Yes, the RSD team are pro’s at it. However, they never mention the long term effects. Because there are none! I’ve personally tried both methods myself as a social experiment. #foolsmate #RSD #PUA

  3. If RSD marketing and advertisment ever goes mainstream, via adds, tv gigs or whatever, its over.

  4. Tyler be like “I’m quitting pick up. AR Porn is coming soon. You guys are all screwed”

  5. the story was good but man that sales video at the end is meh. Did anybody proof-listen to that thing? he just ramble and ramble and ramble round and round and round and has side-tangents that are low-value or meaningless. Cmon your sales letters are better than this. Oh yeah and in the video, Papa keeps saying my, me, I, mine… what’s up with that, i thought that business was a partnership like in we?

  6. How do you tolerate groupthink when out in the workplace where everything is highly politically correct. After reading / watching RSD videos and taking action I have found that the political correctness of most modern workplaces stifling. It’s like I can’t go back.

  7. Hey Tyler. I want to thank you for changing my friends life. Many years ago. Many. many years ago a guy named David D brought you on stage. I wasn’t taking notes for myself. I was doing research for psychology. Some time later a guy friend of mine was having relationship problems. I didn’t know what to say so I just repeated what I’d heard from David and Tyler. Few months went by my friend got a new job, started going to the gym losing weight. Eventually he got a new girlfriend. A year later he thanked me for changing his life. Two years went by and he said to me if he had never met me his life would have followed in the footsteps of his dad. He explains how he would have otherwise had a mediocre existence if it wasn’t for me. But how do you deal with that? It’s not like I came up with these ideas myself. And I couldn’t have told him where I’d heard it. He’s one of those closed minded people who wouldn’t have listened. So I’m thanking you on his behalf.

  8. 3 years unpaid?? who can live 3 years unpaid? onyl who can count on daddy’s wallet.. so with this system you are basically building a company made of rich spoiled kids

  9. Personally, this is one of the best videos of RSD. Mainly because motherloving Papa is from the Philippines and that just makes me (a poor Filipino kid) so inspired to take action. I’ve been following RSD for a couple of years now but after seeing this RSD has gotten even closer to my hearth than before. The company is awesome, the people are awesome, the content is life changing, and I hope the company achieves all its goals.

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