The Phone Machine At Walmart

The Phone Machine At Walmart

Phone machine

10 thoughts on “The Phone Machine At Walmart

  1. Move To Google And Type: *Couponsecrx* This is going to be the only working iphone7 discount codes working from this month. Just don’t waste the available free time on some other software

  2. Why did the cellphone where it’s glasses?
    Because it lost its contacts!

    I can’t believe they made me say that

  3. “More people in the world today have cell phones than have toilets” Damnnnn Indians even machine knows about you!

  4. Is this a point for thieves to sell fast and easy their stolen phones.. i dont get this thing otherwise 125 for Iphone xD

  5. Объясните мне что это за такие технологии, я просто из России

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