Time Tested Ways Of Controlling Erosion At Construction Sites

Construction of buildings, infrastructure projects, drainage systems, roads, etc is important and critical for the development of any country. However, any construction comes with it its own set of problems and challenges. When we talk about any construction site, we have to understand that it calls for digging deep into the soil. Further, when we talk about strengthening embankments or finding out deep water source for buildings and homes, we have to ensure that the work is done with minimal erosion. Hence, there is no doubt that Oklahoma City erosion control is a big challenge and has to be given the importance it deserves before any construction activity takes place. There are many types of construction activities and you may not be in a position to suggest the same line of action as far as prevention of erosion is concerned. However, based on experience and expertise, we are happy to share some ways and means by which it might be possible to stop erosion across various construction sites. But these are based on specific situations and there might be the need for other ways and means again depending on the exact situation on the ground.

Soil Nailing

Soil nailing is considered one of the most effective ways to prevent erosion in construction sites and projects. It is effective because it provides a resisting force especially when there is a big risk of slope failures. It is being considered very useful because it requires very little time for installation. The installation process is not very complicated and is about drilling into the soil. Once this has been done a series of steel bars are placed. These are the nails by which they are known. The nails are placed deep inside the earth. The nails are then capped at the top with the help of a facing. This creates an artificial barrier which is almost similar to a retaining wall. It also is possible to drive these nails into the soil. It may or may not require grouting once the installation process has been completed.


This is another proven and successful method for preventing soil erosion. This could be useful in areas where there is a risk of regular and concentrated runoff. When we talk about riprap we are referring to a large layer of stones. These are interlocked and help to create a barrier on the slopes. They could create a stable surface especially when the surfaces are prone to the risk of seepage. They certainly could be a great solution where there is concentrated of water. It, therefore, comes in very handy to check erosion in riverbeds and lake shores. Geo-textile membranes are often used for this type of protection against soil and water erosions.

Finally, we also can look at dust control measures in construction sites. This is also as important as erosion control because it could make the site unfit for human use. There are many ways by which this can be done. This includes use of misted water, use of polymer additives, silt fences and other such barriers.

Apart from the above if you do your research you could come across many such methods by which water, soil and other forms of erosion can be controlled.

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