Vlog 35 | Q&A | Selling US Products To China | Pricing | Distribution Channels | Profit Margins

Vlog 35 | Q&A | Selling US Products To China | Pricing | Distribution Channels | Profit Margins

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This is a good old fashioned Q&A Session! Logan takes some time while the family is sleeping to sit down and answer some of the questions that viewers like you have asked on the channel!

*Hint- Logan loves hearing your questions and feedback so be sure to leave comments and questions. Yours could be the next one that is answered!

Logan dives a bit deeper into the “selling to China” tip he dropped a few episodes ago.

One of the top questions here is the one about your profit margin!

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17 thoughts on “Vlog 35 | Q&A | Selling US Products To China | Pricing | Distribution Channels | Profit Margins

  1. That’s a really good answer! ? I am selling my products directly via my website and also am gaining profit even after expenses. Also I am the price leader and it’s working now! I will be asking more questions if I need some expert advice. ?

  2. logan, you pronounce my name right ? thank you for answering about distribution channel .. i will wait your Q & A Live session ??

  3. I would also suggest anybody selling products to setup a Shopify shop, it costs nothing to setup and $30 / month to open + some fees. Then research Facebook advertising and spend some money on ads, they are some of the best if you can get your target audience just right.

    Shopify also has bunch of plugins like Oberlo which allows you to import any product from AliExpress to your Shopify shop super easy. There’s also bunch of plugins that connect your store to Amazon and Ebay so you can have everything in one place.

    There’s always the free solution of OpenCart, you just need to pay for the hosting. Hope this helps somebody

  4. I have been researching e-commerce of some time now, and I do believe that e-commerce is the future. I have sold things on amazon but i am looking into a Shopify account. Do you think a certain Niche is necessity or would you go with a general store? I am just starting out and looking for products to sell. Thanks for your videos i have watched every single video. I am also from utah!

  5. Logan you are helping a lot of people. You are the best because you are telling us what we can do, giving us ideas, showing us the practical world not like other Entrepreneur on YouTube who just say work hard, hustle etc.

  6. Great input. Just watched all your vlogs from 25 up to now. been away for awhile in the deep jungle of Borneo without any telecommunication access. Hope its not late for me to ask you, i have just received my product from Alibaba. I’ve set up my ecommerce store http://www.tlder.com using wordpress and still in progress. Took me about a month to learn from Youtube how to set up the ecommerce sites. Now since i have my products what would i do first. Owh ya just sharing, i’m selling Baby Leather Shoes.


  7. this exact my experience!! i always charge the my products 100 to 200%.. because of the risk involve what if the other products dont get sold. great video! thank you so much for sharing! im a fan.

  8. Hello Logan,
    This is about as foward as I can possibly be…I am leaving for China (Qingdao) in 2 days as I embark on this new adventure of starting my own business in the Hair Industry.
    How can I respectively have 10 minutes of your valuable time? Learning from others’ successes is extremely important, and I would love nothing more than to be able to learn from you.

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