Way Better Than A Cell Phone!!!

Way Better Than A Cell Phone!!!

After waiting a long year she finally gets a puppy for her birthday!!

***** 6/4/13*****After reading many negative and skeptical comments I thought I would make something clear. This was a birthday surprise in which we visited a family member’s home to just “see the puppies” when they were a week old. She picked her favorite puppy and was then surprised with the fact that she could bring one home when they were of the proper age and could to be separated from their mom. She WAS NOT able to bring her home that day.The outfits were just a fun way to surprise her so she would have something to “open”. Emma Lou is not a dress wearing dog 🙂 At nearly 2 years old now, our sweet Emma is happy, healthy, and loved so very much. Thank you to all of the kind people that have posted the sweetest comments!! She truly was very grateful and has been an amazing dog owner and mommy to Emma 🙂

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  1. I think that’s a pugalier puppy, if it is, I just want to tell u that they stay small, roughly a foot tall, or your dog is like my pugalier and just grows like a giant

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