What To Expect At A BNI (Business Network International) Meeting

What To Expect At A BNI (Business Network International) Meeting

Quick visual explanation on how a BNI chapter meeting works and what you can expect to experience when you visit of local chapter.

9 thoughts on “What To Expect At A BNI (Business Network International) Meeting

  1. This is a really nice video. If you want more info about BNI and what it can do for your business, just let me know.

  2. Wonderful video giving very nice demo and education about how a BNI meeting works.  Thanks so much.

  3. Thank you all… I produced this video for SoCal BNI Region.  Glad it was helpful.

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  5. Great video. We are using it in our Executive Referral Chapter in Vadnais Heights, MN as a recruiting tool.

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