This is not corporate media, but independent media, in the truest sense of the words. By ordering subscriptions, one of the literary works or other propaganda made available, you help to keep this ship and the voice of our people in the UK afloat.

Who we are... is an alternative media source of unofficial football propaganda for Chelsea FC supporters residing within the Canadian Provinces and the United States.

Established for the progression of football culture in North America, project contributors are active supporters concerned with the preservation of terrace heritage in the global era of modern/marketing football. All efforts & resources vested in the project are dedicated to the native support of CFC.
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We have detailed a rundown of frequently asked question asked by our subscribers throughout the years in order to aid with imedaite questions.

Should you require further assistance, we may be contacted through e-mail or Twitter.

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What we do...
We publish and distribute CFCUK - Chelsea Football Fanzine on a subscription basis. Also available are football works from Gate 17 author Mark Worrall.

CFCUK binds the peoples voice into a tangible representation, enabling the culture to be passed from; hand to hand, generation to generation, and now nation to nation. We do not toil with providing mere pundit journalism for the masses. Looking for more out your football? We have your SW6 fix.

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CFCUK Item #2002
The Academic Selection
- $32.5

  • ‘CFCUK’ - 12 Issue Subscription
Stay on beat with the pulse of fellow supporters & the true voice of the club at the same match cover price of $2. It is impossible to unplug, block, censor, filter, or delete CFCUK. The CFCUK stall is found across the street from Fulham Broadway tube station in Southwest London, prior to turning left on the Fulham Road en route to Stamford Bridge. The fanzine is made available to match going supporters on football day, both home and away. The zine is Blue tinted, Carefree & 100% unofficial - Guaranteed! "Hurry Up, Only A Pound!"

  • ‘The Best of CFCUK - Volume One’
From 'fighting' Ken Bates to 'loving' Mr Abramovich & containing a linear account of its history, The New Chelsea Book is brought 'up-to-date' with testimonials that have been written about ‘cfcuk’ from people within the higher echelons of the club, Chelsea players past and present, and some of the celebrity supporters who regularly read the fanzine.

  • ‘BLUE MURDER: Chelsea Till I Die’
Author-signed fictional terrace classic. Money, sex, drugs, rock and roll and Chelsea Football Club, Johnny Nipper is deeply preoccupied with them all. For thirty years he s had it all his own way, double crossing and dealing his way through life without a care in the world until the day he gets it all wrong. Wracked by guilt and in fear for his life, Nipper leaves London to begin a new life in Goa where he encounters Chopper Lewis, an old acquaintance from the Stamford Bridge terraces who persuades him to tell his vivid, hip and sexy story. A stylish exploration of the morality of greed, revenge and violence, 'Blue Murder: Chelsea Till I Die' has, in the intervening years since it's original publication, established itself as a must-read 'True Crime' masterpiece.

CFCUK Item #2003
CFCUK 1 Year Subscription - $24

  • ‘CFCUK’ - 12 Issues of the world famous Chelsea Football Fanzine