The Importance of Water Purification Systems

The Importance of Water Purification Systems

There’s nothing like an iced cold glass of water on a hot day. It’s refreshing and good for you; a fact endorsed by scientists and parents alike. Since our bodies are made up of sixty percent water, it makes sense that we replenish it on a daily basis, but just how good is that water you are putting into your system?

You may hear stories from folks saying that when they were younger, they drank directly from the garden hose while playing outside. While this may be an endearing anecdote, it’s not as likely that today’s kids would drink from a garden hose. Times have changed, and the numerous pesticides and particulates in water—even tap water—has made the water today more than suspect. How do you ensure your family is drinking clear, healthy water every day? A filtration system or filtration pitcher are answers to this ongoing problem.

Maybe you feel better knowing that you are drinking bottled water, and you don’t feel you need a filtration system on your home’s water source, too. While bottled water may seem like a good alternative, there are some drawbacks with that option, as well. Did you know it takes three times the amount of water in one bottled water to produce that one bottle of water? Bottled water is made of petroleum, and the amount of oil used each year to produce those bottles is astronomical. Considering the average American drink 167 water bottles each year and only recycles 22 percent of these bottles, that is considerable waste. More than one billion plastic bottles wind up in landfills each year, adding to the already compromised environment. While plastic water bottles might seem a safer option, too, there has been evidence that when you reuse a water bottle by refilling it, it can release chemicals from the petroleum into the water itself, because the plastic starts to deteriorate. You may also have heard that you should not drink from a water bottle left in a car, because the sun and heat can change the chemistry of the water, introducing toxins from the plastic into the water you drink!

A better option is a Point of entry ultrafiltration system, whether it be one that is hooked onto your faucet or via a water filtration pitcher. Besides providing clean, crisp, drinkable water to your family every day, the best thing about a filtration system is it is easy to use. Once it is hooked up to your sink, it requires very little maintenance. Even water filtration pitchers only require you to change the filter, and many of these now come with electronic reminders so you know when to change it!

While you may believe that your tap water is sufficient, there are reports that heavy metals, pathogens and carcinogens have been found in various water sources in certain states. Just recently, the city of Flint, Michigan was rocked with the discovery of high lead levels in their water, prompting residents to discontinue use of their tap water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing. This is not an isolated incident, leading more people to discover alternate sources for clean water, including home water filtration systems.

But how do you know which type of system will work best for you and your family? Like any smart consumer, research should be involved before any investment is made. Water filtration systems can be pricey, but the cost works out over the course of time since you will no longer have to purchase bottled water. One important factor to consider when looking to buy a filtration system is the amount of filtration it supplies. For instance, if you have a large family and you all use the average quantity of 300 gallons per day, but your new filtration system only provides 200 gallons of filtered water per day, there’s an obvious shortfall. Determine the amount of water you use each day and then purchase a lead filter system that provides that number as its maximum filtration rate. This will help you get the water you need without paying for a larger, more expensive filtration system.

The main reason people purchase filtration systems is—not surprisingly—to provide clean water. But, just exactly is clean water? Carbon filters can be used to sort out contaminants and impurities in your drinking water, but to truly expel arsenic, sulfates and nitrates, a reverse osmosis unit is necessary. To determine your specific needs, you can have your water tested at a lab to see which compounds are present in your water supply. Not all filters are created equally, so you will want to ensure that the system you choose is appropriate for the water you have. Once you have a filter in place, you should be able to taste a difference in your water. Any mineral-ly taste should be eliminated, leaving you with a cleaner tasting water.

Another factor to consider is your budget. Some filtration systems are large and complex; filtration pitchers are small and simple. One may be right for your family while the other may not. The cost of cartridges, remineralization filters, even electricity should be factored into your purchase, so that you have an educated idea of its overall cost. Filtration pitchers, while a decidedly less expensive option, also require maintenance and may lose their effectiveness if not properly maintained.

It is important to look to the future when investing in a water system. If you are planning to grow your family, starting off with a pitcher might be a smart option, and then working your way into a built-in filtration system as your family expands might work well. Remember, the water system in the United States is inherently aging, like it or not. The pipes that carry our water are slowly deteriorating, and as such, more chemicals and particles are escaping into our water. Purchasing a filtration system may be the best answer to a declining infrastructure, and your family’s safety and good health may depend upon it!

Rotobrush Equipment Review

Rotobrush Equipment Review

There are some important things that you need to know before you buy a Rotobrush.

I started a duct cleaning business in January, 2009. I purchased a used Rotobrush and utilized their instruction manuals and marketing materials. We also did some repairs on our Rotobrush over the course of several months.

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Minecraft: Working Cell Phone W/ Web Browser And Video Calling

Minecraft: Working Cell Phone W/ Web Browser And Video Calling

Verizon created a cell phone in Minecraft that can browse the web and do calls and it’s super awesome.
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Vlog 35 | Q&A | Selling US Products To China | Pricing | Distribution Channels | Profit Margins

Vlog 35 | Q&A | Selling US Products To China | Pricing | Distribution Channels | Profit Margins

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This is a good old fashioned Q&A Session! Logan takes some time while the family is sleeping to sit down and answer some of the questions that viewers like you have asked on the channel!

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Logan dives a bit deeper into the “selling to China” tip he dropped a few episodes ago.

One of the top questions here is the one about your profit margin!

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Product Distribution, Product Management

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How To Dress For A Business Networking Event

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Danduct Clean Duct Cleaning Equipment

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Double Your Phone Storage For Free

Double Your Phone Storage For Free

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Duct Cleaning By Rohrer’s One Hour Heating & A/C – Lancaster, PA

Duct Cleaning By Rohrer’s One Hour Heating & A/C – Lancaster, PA

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