Before You Start A Duct Cleaning Business, You Need To Watch This!

Before You Start A Duct Cleaning Business, You Need To Watch This!

There are some important things that you need to know before you start a duct cleaning business, or buy a Rotobrush or any other type of duct cleaning equipment.

After my duct cleaning business struggled, I determined that there are 5 Critical Factors influencing all duct cleaning businesses.

I created an audio seminar detailing these factors at

For more information on the 5 Critical Factors That Will Make or Break Your Duct Cleaning Business, go to

16 thoughts on “Before You Start A Duct Cleaning Business, You Need To Watch This!

  1. Very Helpful! I also purchased your 5 Critical Factors Audio Seminar and this really helped me get my duct cleaning business up and running at a minimal cost. I highly recommend this product!

  2. Step 1 to having a successful air duct cleaning business: Dont Buy a Rotobrush

    Sure you can make money with a Rotobrush but then again Snake Oil salesman made money too.

  3. I’ve been opperating a very successful air duct cleaning business for the past 18 years… believe me when I tell you that “Your first mistsake was buying the rotobrush, it’s nothing more than a glorified shop vac”

    For anybody considering getting into the air duct cleaning business… DO NOT FALL FOR THE ROTO-BRUSH SCAM!… It is absolute junk and it will NOT clean air duct systems

  4. hes right roto brush cant handle most jobs home or commercial,,,,,,,simple fact after 22 years duct cleaning in LA,,,,,,,show up on the job with this you cant really do the job or call yourself pro.,,,,,,,,,,,,,Airfresh in LA CA

  5. yep, nail meet hammer. Sounds more like he just didn’t want to work, he hired 2 employees before having a single customer. Demand elasticity might be a concept to figure into your projections. Pretty obvious this vid is a pitch to buy some stupid “steps to success” program. This formula works pretty good. Work yourself + don’t spend unnecessarily + do top quality work + charge a fair price + make damn sure you make more money than you spend = profit.

  6. First mistake, I bought a rotobrush…. What a joke! Truck mount is the only right way to get duct cleaning jobs done the right way!

  7. Hello friend, my name is Edward, I’m from Russia. Your links are not working. I wanted to get your audio courses. How can this be arranged? Please send me instructions to this address:

  8. I can see why you failed in your business before and why you will fail in this new one. It’s very simple you are dishonest and like tricking people.

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