‘I Have A Strict Texting Policy’ (Professor Destroys Cell Phone)

‘I Have A Strict Texting Policy’ (Professor Destroys Cell Phone)

A professor confiscates the phone of a student who is texting in class. He snaps the phone in two and throws it into a water glass. He then proceeds with his lesson as if nothing has happened. After a minute or so, the clearly perturbed student packs up and walks out of the room.

20 thoughts on “‘I Have A Strict Texting Policy’ (Professor Destroys Cell Phone)

  1. This teacher wen way too far in my opinion. He did not have to do that to set a healthy boundary with the student at all. You saw how the student jumped when he heard and saw the phone break. It was unneeded – I have dealt with much more disrespectful students – this one is very respectful for the most part and just needed to have the phone taken away from him imo – for the class.

    ANyway – that is just my opinion. The youth dont need their lives ripped away from them – they just need to learn how to transition from their texting life into the real world life of discipline and determination – healthy masculine energies – Many adults who dont even have those qualities – just ruin it for kids to ever have a chance at getting them – when really it is us –

    especially us men who are needed most to help our young men (just as in the old tribal traditions) to come out of their immature world and be empowered as they enter into the Real WOrldly world – We can help them – instead of destroying them. You see the student pack away his book – do you think he will do any listening to that teacher? Do you think he will now be motivated to learn more? He looks like he will just say fuck off to all school now and rebel in some way either by self destruction or taking it out on others. He gets up and leaves – he is walking off on his education thanks to what just happened. It isnt such a bad thing – i did too bc most schooling is a waste of time imo – unless you have REAL teachers speaking truth that will actually help you get a job or build a job for yourself the right way with discipline and character. Just by opinion.

  2. The text was from his father telling him his mother is in the hospital. “Come home now”

  3. fucking classic, I would not have been capable of containing hysterical laughter…

  4. That teacher should get fired and if that happened to me I will hit him until he gets me a new one like if you agree

  5. This asshole should pay for that kids phone. The rules weren’t repsected but you stil can’t destroy peoples property. Asshole teacher was out of line. Wish it was my kid he did it to….. there’d have been a well deserved as beating as well as a new phone with an apology………..

  6. not a good tutor anyways, reading lecture off of a book, scraps of information being reiterated multiple times, gets easily distracted by students misconduct, either he’s a substitute out of his ballpark or disgruntled after 20 years of teaching and and developed a form of OCD

  7. Student should walk up to him and (depending on state laws) let the professor know that he’s under citizen’s arrest for destruction of property and call the police. Very little the teacher can do, I’d imagine.

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