Paul Stanley Interview On Fox Business Network – 12/30/2010

Paul Stanley Interview On Fox Business Network – 12/30/2010

Paul Stanley’s appearance on the nationally-televised Fox Business Network. Paul discusses the success of KISS in 2010 as well as his own personal accomplishments as an artist and the band’s charitable giving.

33 thoughts on “Paul Stanley Interview On Fox Business Network – 12/30/2010

  1. Never realized how feminine this guy is. Looks like he went to the hair dresser before the interview.

  2. Thank you KISS for donating ALL this money to the Wounded Warrior Cause!! This tells me that “You are a TRUE KISS ARMY”, KISS ARMY Forever!!

  3. who the hell cares about this guy throwing paint on a canvas?! and why would they ask for his opinion on goverment? some people have to worry about when they’re going to have their next meal, these guys worry about who they have to pay to find bootlegs on the internet to bust.

  4. Trevor, thanks for pointing that out. So many people on this board are just hating on Paul and mostly it’s because he’s successful and they probably are not. I wish people in this country would get over their hatred for wealthy people. Paul earned his money and worked very hard for it. He deserves his success and he has every right to enjoy the rewards that come with it. The haters need to get their own lives in gear.

  5. So, deal with it. Man, you’re another hater. If his paintings are being bought and yours aren’t, that’s on you.

  6. Who’s holding a gun to your head forcing you or anyone else to buy KISS merchandise or watch their shows? All I’m reading on this board is the same complaints by people like you whining about KISS’ success and the obvious hatred towards those who have more than someone else.

  7. You’re the one living in the bubble with the rest of the low information idiots who eat that class warfare crap they’re dishing out on CNN, the alphabet networks, and most of the nation’s papers and magazines.

  8. Their fair share? It’s not your money pal! You need to stop thinking that the wealthy are evil and that you have the right to take from them. We have a 19 trillion dollar federal deficit. That’s a spending problem, plain and simple.

  9. i dont buy kiss merch anymore,iv grown up,im now 46 and grown beyond kiss tshirts and posters,why the fuck would anybody buy a kiss coffin ?. i used to worship kiss when i was a kid,,i lived and died in my tshirts,, i would isten to the albums everyday,, for fucks sake i even skipped my biology exam to go buy creatures of the night at 9 am on the day it was released,,what you see today ISNT kiss,, its a fancy tribute band, a semi skimmed version of a once amazing band, shame you carnt see that

  10. so spend your money on his paintings and anything else they throw like bread crumbs to you,, its your cash,, you have worked for it,,, doesnt change the fact kiss are a joke ,, you wanna pay big money for 2 men dressed as your heroes from the 70s, kiss are like masturbation,,, its like sex ,,but not quite as good

  11. Yeah, but no one is telling you to buy it.. Say someone who died was a huge diehard fan of KISS. Why not buy them a coffin for their funeral? It seems like a good idea to me.

  12. Honestly? I kinda like his perspective and technique. Is it on level with the Masters? no..but I like his style. It’s a hobby he can make some money at from time to time aside from good on him! Take care Paul and ROCK AND ROLL!

  13. Kiss is nothing but a corporation, they dont give a fuck about good music or you, all they want is your money, dumbass.

  14. the token black guy asked some good questions and the middle aged woman gave some informative answers. i’ll have to check out some of her music. if it sounds anything like sara bareilles…i’m in.

  15. Pretty cool and Paul seems like a great guy. I hope Paul keeps it up. I watched a segment on youtube where he addresses hearing loss. He’s a very prolific guy and makes an impact on people’s lives in one way or another. Great band and hope they keep making music for years to come.

  16. Pay for quality? saw them 3 years ago and Paul was just awful,he lost his voice,but hey,let´s keep making cash because we care a shit about our fans.

  17. He is cool
    I am an abstract artist and I noticed his paintings so as a long time fan I can use him as a influence in the art world.

  18. Who is the best? Paul is the best. Who is the best? Paul is the best. Paul is the best best best. Paul is the best best best haha

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