Unlock Car With Cell Phone

Unlock Car With Cell Phone

My friend showed me how to send your cars signal through a phone call. my friend walked a block away and called my phone then sent the signal through his phone to mine and the car unlocked.

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  1. works with iphone but not all samsung.
    For samsung users, your phone must be rooted 1st.
    Dial 911, wait for operator, ask for police, once operator says police are on their way, hang up.
    after you have hung up the phone, send a txt msg saying “UNLOCK” to 5890 and hey presto, your car is unlocked.
    also sending “UNLOCK/START/GO” to 5890 unlocks your car, start’s it and drives to you where ever you are.
    Your welcome 😉
    P.S. do not try “UNLOCK/START/GO” when taking a shit in the toilet in a 2 or more storey home.
    For some unknown reason (I’m guessing a slight glitch) the car will demolish your home trying to get to you.

  2. There is lots of bogus stuff like this on YouTube, like the one that gets people to believe a 6 volt lantern battery is full of AA batteries much cheaper.

  3. why dont you just audio record your car being unlocked by your keyless remote and then unlock it by playing that back?

  4. Can someone tell me how the procedure is please . i have an lamborghini and i left my keys inside

  5. Please re-record this ridiculous video showing the key fob in the part where you hold the phone up to the car like an idiot.

  6. So many comments, not one has noticed when he is showing the remote you can see the wheel of the car. He is like 5ft away from it. That is SER Sentra.

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